Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mini Olmpics victoria.

Mini Olympics’

Last month on Tuesday the 24 of July we were getting ready to go on the bus. When I asked Mr Gaffney and he said that we were going on morning tea. After that it was morning tea Mr Gaffney said only eat lots but not too much because we going to come back and eat. When we were going down the hill we waited for the bus. Meanwhile we hopped in the bus and went to Mt Smart stadium. When we were at Mt Smart stadium we went through the gate and we saw two schools. After that we went and sat down in the middle of the stadium, and the other schools sat at the sides. When we went and sat down we heard someone talking on the microphone. After this Mr Gaffney came and rote on my hand number 7 and he wrote number7 on Rosalina’s hand and Aleca’s hand too. When a person talked again she said a team had to move. Next me and my team Alecia and Rosalina moved on to shot put. Soon I and my team played shot put. While when we were still playing shot put the lady talked on the microphone and she said the people from shot put has to go running so we walked in our lines to start to run the man made a loud sound with the ground. After when we finished running we had to go bake to sit down on the stadium, then Mr Gaffney said that we are going back to school now. So we hoped in the bus and went back to school.






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