Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Vaine - Thank You letter

Dear Mrs Beverley wright,
My name is Vaine and I am year 4 and I am in room 5.
My favourite book is “I spy” because it is very cool. The author is Jean Marzollo.
I like this book because I like to find facts.
I like Duffy books because I like it read them.
Once again I will like to say thank you.
I wish you have I lovely day and a lovely Christmas.
By Vaine


  1. WOW I like I spy to I like how you make sentient and use full stop keep up the great work I am looking forward to read your other story's.

  2. Well done vaine I really like your book it is so great to have a book like that. I really like how you said that your favourite book is I spy because it is cool. Keep it up Vaine.

  3. Hi Vaine its me Sammy i liked your comment ofa atu