Tuesday, July 2, 2013

My Best Day at Swimming

On a foggy day it was an exciting day. First we got changed. When we had all finished we went outside. It was cold and freezing. After that we went inside the tent. Gillian told us the water was so warm.

I was happy that the swimming pool was warm. So we went in. It was so warm that it made the cold go away. Gillian told us that we had a new game. Gillian said "It is like a mermaid." Then it was Anna-Lisa, Sammy and my turn. We all had a go. Gillian told us to go.

I came first, Anna-Lisa came second and Sammy was third. Meanwhile Gillian told us we had extra time. That means free time. Soon our time was finished. Gillian told us to go back to class. I was the first one to get out and I clapped Gillian's hand. I went to the classroom to get changed. After I put my school uniform on I went to get my lunch and go outside.

By Kalisi

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  1. Nice writing, Kalisi. I like your descriptive words.