Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Today at swimming, Kevin was Room 5's teacher. First at swimming Kevin asked if we had done any relays. Room 5 said "Yes!" Well, only the girls went first.

Then we got into groups. Malia, Anna-Lisa and Saveu were group 1. Lenleigh, Courtney, Von and I were group 2. Lenleigh was the first of group 2 and Saveu was the first girl of group 1, but Saveu had to go twice because there were not enough girls. I had to race Anna-Lisa. The Lenleigh had to race against Saveu. Malia had to race against Von.

The water was 18 degrees, I think. Mr Gaffney only came to check on us once. We felt raindrops. The girls and I came out to get our towels. We had been listening and we had 15 minutes of free time.

We went into the class. I thought I was the first one to get changed but suddenly I saw Kalisi coming out of the classroom. I really thought that I was the first but I was second! Anyway I ate my lunch. "The boys are in by now" I said to Kalisi. "I think they boys are having fun." I said to Kalisi.

By Teanoano

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