Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Swimming Day

On Monday, Room 5 went to swimming lessons. Everyone said it was cold. When we into the water it was a bit cold, but when we started doing the lessons, it started to get warmer.

First of all we used the swimming boards. Then we had to squeeze our arms behind our ears. It looked like we were stretching. We were holding our breath for a long time until we got to the end of the swimming pool. I couldn't do that because it was hard for me.

Next we learned to float on our backs. I couldn't do that because it was so hard for me. Then we floated on our tummies. That was a bit easy for me! We all had to put our chins on our chests.

Gillian pushed us along the way and we swam. Then we finished swimming.

Finially the girls went into the tent to get changed. The girls were so cold, they all put their jumpers on. I did it too. When we got out of the pool, it was cold. It was so warm in the pool, but when we got out it was cold.

By Mikaela

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