Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Best Day at Swimming

Today was the happiest day for Room 5. It was the first day for Room 5 to swim in the swimming pool.

We got changed into our togs. We met Gilian and a man called Kevin. When I got into the pool it was warm. I was feeling good and excited.

Then Kevin gave us a floating board. When Kevin was in the pool he said 'Swim and touch every courner without your toes touching the ground of the pool. Okay.'

Then the whole of Room 5 swam as fast as we can so that we could win. After we touched all four courners we split into two groups. I was in group two with the girls and I was the only boy. Kevin said 'Touch the end of the pool.' I swam as fast as I could and came last. I was laughing. The only thing that I liked was having free time.

By Stanley

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  1. I think you may have liked a few more things than just having free time, Stanley. I like the way you have tried to use speech marks.