Sunday, July 14, 2013


On a partly cloudy day Room 5 went to swimming. When I came to school my classmates were in their togs.  I quickly got into my togs and I got my towel.

Me and my class went to the pool. They boys went after us. When the girls jumped in it was very cold. The first thing we did was float on our backs. Our instructor Kevin gave us some boards and he said to float and touch each corner of the pool. We all went at once.

After we floated on our backs we had to do some star jumps. We all had to do three star jumps each. After our star jumps we had a breathing competition. We had two groups of girls. It was Von, Teanoano, Kalisi, Sammy and I. We all held our breaths for a long time then I jumped back up. Von was the winner.

A few minutes later Kevin said we could have free time. Me and my friend, Teanoano, pretended we were mermaids. It was very funny. Then Kevin said to give him a hi five, then we had to get out of the pool.
It was so much fun!

By Lenleigh

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  1. Nice writing, Lenleigh. We will miss the pool when it goes but it will come back late next year.