Friday, August 16, 2013

The Birthday Present

One morning there was someone knocking on the door of Margaret and John's house. It was the postman who brought the mail every day. He was carrying a great big box. Mum opened the door for the postman. She saw the surprise present for Margaret and John. She called them to come and look at the parcel.
They all said "Thank you" to the postman.
"What do you think it is?" Asked John.
"I think its a surprise." Said Margaret
"It is a surprise present from your uncle Sione for your birthday next week." Said Mum.
The twins want to open their present but their mum made them wait until their birthday.
On their birthday they opened the birthday box. Inside the box was a puzzle game for the twins. They liked it very much and phoned uncle Sione to say thank you.

By Alex

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  1. Alex you have done a very nice work and i like when their uncle sione gave present to the twins. Keep up the nice work alex