Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Wonderful Holiday

On a wonderful night we went to the movies. We invited my brothers friend Jelsma. But first we had to go to Pak'n'Save to get our lollies and drinks so we do not have to get it from Hoyts Sylivia Park movie theatre. We were about to watch Despicable Me 2 but it was full so we had to watch Man of Steel. The bad guy killed the father but he did not tell the son of the other father.

When it had finished we thought that we were locked up so the man told us to push the button. My brother and I went where the stairs were and Jelsma and my mum went on the other stairs.

My mum asked if we were hungry and they said "yes!" with excitement. So we went to McDonalds but the one in G.I was closed so we went to the one near us. It was funny because Viliami farted while we were eating. We all started to laugh.

We dropped Jelsma off at his house so that he could wake up early and go to church. It was a fun day!

by Sammy

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