Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Swimming - Henrietta

On a lovely exciting Monday morning room 5 went swimming. When we got there the boys swam first. When they were swimming we sat with our books and read. When we were reading Mrs Mat told us to get changed. I was so happy. When the boys came out it was the girls turn. Everybody was noisy. When we got into the water Julian told us one by one to get in. When I got in it was cold. At the end we had free time. When we got out I was freezing. After that I got changed and I went back to class. I like swimming because they teach us how to swim with your arms out straight. I love swimming.


  1. I love some of the words you have used to make your writing more interesting like, lovely, exciting and freezing.

  2. Great work Henrietta hope to see more writing of yours!!!

  3. Great work Henrietta hope to see more from you.