Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Big Feed - Saveu

On one day there was a big feed in the ocean. The people were just talking and relaxing. It was so hot. That  is  why  the people came to the sea .Same of the kids played in the sand while the parents  ate  at  the tables. There were so many people there that the owner kicked them out. The people would not get out and they were too loud . A shark came and they were scared of the shark. They all went crazy. The years came past and the people grew old. There was a wedding at the same restaurant was the owner’s daughter’s wedding. They had a wonderful time. Suddenly while they were dancing the shark came again. They were all screaming and shouting “ HELP “ !!
One little boy loved pets that he made the shark laugh by tickling. After that they all had a celebrated and had a good time at the wedding. Suddenly all sang happy songs and talk. So they had a competition. All of the boy sharks came to the boys. Then all of the shark girls came to the human girls. The owner did the competition. They had to go all the way as far as they could. If you are tired you can come back but if the sharks are tired you have to came back with or you can swim back. And they lived happy ever after.

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