Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How does Grass become Milk?

1. Each Cow eats about 70 kilograms of Grass.

2. The Grass gets digested (broken down) in the first two stomachs.

3. Then the Grass is squashed into a Ball  Cud.

4. The Cud is burped back into the mouth chewed for about a minute.

5. Then the Grass goes into the next 2 stomachs.

6. It then enters the bloodstream and is turned into Nutrients.

7. Then it enter the Udders as Milk.

Monday, March 17, 2014

My wonderful holiday - Vanessa

In the holidays Joanna,Stephanie, nana and I went to  Fairfield primary school. When we got there we went to find Joanna's class. When we got there I saw her teacher, her name was Mrs Mc Queen. We were so happy to meet her. After we meet her teacher we walked over to the office to get Joana's stationary. When we had bought the stationary we were given a box full of station, we checked inside the box to see whether all of the stationary was inside the box. She got Poem book, Math book, Note book, Reading book, Bookbag and a Folder. When finished getting the stationary we went back to the car and went back home.