Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I am Vanessa

I am a strong girl and I run very fast
I wonder if the doctor that delivered me is still alive
I hear sweet lovely music outside in the garden
I want to visit Japan

I am a strong girl and I run very fast
I pretend to play the piano
I feel I can be a grumpy witch
I worry about my sick sister
I cry when my sister leaves home
I am a strong girl and I run very fast

I understand that I need to study hard
I say that my family is kind to me
I dream of being a travelling author
I hope to have a good future
I am a string girl and I run very fast

I am Maris-Stella

I am clever

I wonder if I going to go heaven or not

I hear strange noises around me
I see a ghost
I want an Iphone
I am clever and wonderful

I pretend I have banana wings
I feel God in my heart
I touched an Ipad
I worry about my brother being lost
I cry when I'm afraid
I am clever and wonderful

I understand God's word
I say God's prayers
I dream of being in Heaven with Melefusi Fisiihoi
I try my best at school
I hope I find my pencil case
I am clever and wonderful

I am Keira

I am a joyful little skinny girl.
I wonder if I can do the splits.
I hear God saying "Never give up"
I see everyone enjoying themselves
I want to make the world a better place
I am a joyful little skinny girl

I pretend I am a Star
I feel Jesus touching me
I touch the rainbow
I worry that the world is going to end
I cry because people bully me
I am a joyful skinny little girl

I understand things I know
I say God bless all people
I dream I can swim in the sea
I try my best at everything
I hope Jesus will never be forgotten
I am a joyful skinny little girl

I am Falakiko

I am clever and happy
I wonder if the Warriors will win the NRL
I hear prayers in my head
I see scary looking dogs
I want happiness and wisdom
I am clever and happy

I pretend to be a boxer in the shower
I want to be a sky diver
I want to touch hot boiling volcanoes
I worry about the day I can not walk
I cry when I need help
I am clever and happy

I understand God’s word
I say prayers when I go to bed every night
I dream of having a holiday on Candy Island
I try to do the right thing
I hope I am obedient enough to my parents
I am clever and happy

I am Alan

 I am strong and happy
   I like seeing people happy
   I hear God calling in my ear
   I see the tree’s flying in the sky
   I want to live with God in heaven one day.
    I pretend I am flying in the sky.
   I feel love running through me
   I imagine touching the blue sky
   I worry about my mum everyday
   I am strong and happy.

I understand friendship
I say “thank you”  to people when they help me.
I dream of me flying in the sky.
I try to control my anger.
I hope I have the Holy Spirit in me.
I am strong and happy.

I am Anna-Lisa

 I am a girl with knowledge

I try to be kind all the time
I love seeing my mum and dad everyday
I want to be an amazing singer one day

I pretend to fly in the sky
I am loving and caring
I like to every single thing I see
I worry that the world is going to end
I will cry when my parents pass away
I am a girl with knowledge

I don't understand why people bully
I try to do my best in school
I hope to be good when I grow up
I am a girl with knowledge

Friendship - Alila

My best friend is Miya. She is my best friend because she is lovely, happy, peaceful, caring, sharing, helpful and forgiving. She comes over to my house to play with me every weekend. On sunny days we play baseball, soccer or sometimes we go to the playground. She always makes me smile when she smiles with me.

Good friends - Aaliyah

A good friend is a person that knows you very well because you have known each other for a long time. A friend will always stick to your side when you play sports and when your in class. Friends never betray each other. A good friend will always be there for you. A helpful friend is someone that will care for you when your feeling sad.

Friendship - Mikaela

A friend is special because she is loving, playful and sometimes we share lunch. If she does not have any lunch she I share mine with her. When she needs help I can help her. My friend is helpful to me when I need help. When she's hurt I will help her up she also does the same for me when I am hurt. When I am sick and away from school my friend can take care of my desk. When someone in my family has past away my friend is kind enough to give me money to help my family. I love having friends!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mei's Soulfriend

My Soulfriend


My soul friend's name is Zheiyna and she is 12 years old. Her birthday is on Tuesday the 26th of August this year. Zheiyna's father is Samoan and her mother is Tahitian. Zheiyna has a lot of favourite things. Her favourite movie is "The Impossible". Her favourite game is "Poison". Her favourite movie actor is Adam Sandler, she thinks he's really funny. Mrs Moodley is her favourite teacher, she likes Mrs Moodley because she feels comfortable talking to her. Zheiyna loves the colour purple. She is friends with Dawn, Deja and Rachael. Zheiyna's favourite subject is Maths. "Home and away" and "Regular Show" are her favourite T.V programs. Zheiyna's favourite drinks are Orange Juice and Lift Plus. Zheiyna's aunty is her inspirational person. Zheiyna and I both dislike bullying.


Good Friend - Claudia

A good friend is a kind, lovely and wonderful person. When someone is kind to me I call them my friend because I have to be kind back to them. When my friend does something wrong I always tell them, because I don't like it  when my friends do the wrong things. I love having friends.

Joseph Soul Friend

My soul friend is Sione from room 7.

I’m very glad to have Sione as my soul friend.  He is polite as he talks with me.  St Pius X Church is his parish that he regularly attends.  

Sione was born in Auckland 2012 and he is Tongan.  He is currently 12 years old and is a year 8 student.  He is a school leader and is one of the school's peace office. I will miss my soul friend  next year because he will go to college.

Sione seems to have a sweet teeth because he enjoys chocolate flavoured ice cream and pancakes. His favourite teacher is Mrs Williams.

Friendship - Alan

Friendship is about a person who is caring, and they have a lot of Holy Spirit within them. Friends are those that tell you the truth all the time. Friends always puts a smile on your face. Friends show us love when they give you big hugs. Friends are playful and helpful, they share they're lunch when you don't have anything to eat. Friends love us and we love them.

Alan's soulfriend

My soulfriend can  speak Tongan, it’s cool because he helps me with my Tongan.  He likes  “Spongebob” and “Regular Cartoon Shows”.  He loves maths because he likes playing with numbers. He enjoys rugby and his favourite rugby player is Daniel Carter.  My soul friend is a fast runner.  He’s in Room 7, his favourite teacher is Mrs Middleton because she’s understanding and makes the time to listen to him.  My soul friends name is Jay.