Friday, April 24, 2015

My Holiday

On Saturday 20th of January Father Filipo, my mum, and I went to Sylvia Park to watch "Big Hero 6". We used father Filipo's  big blue car to get to Sylvia Park. When we got there, we asked the cashier for two medium sized popcorn and 3 movie tickets. I was really looking forward to watching the movie. I also enjoyed eating the popcorn, Yum! While we were watching, father Filipo was asleep. In the movie there was sadness, happiness and I also experienced anger.
The movie was about a young boy and his older brother who died in a fire. What makes him angry is when he finds  out that his brother's teacher saved himself rather than helping the kids. So the boy seeks out revenge and tries to save the world from the evil teacher, on the way big hero 6 helps him. When the movie had finished, my popcorn was also finished. I thought the movie was fantastic.
From the movie I learned that I have to put other people first then myself. When we got home I wished I could go movies again. 

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