Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Swimming Poem

S- shallow blue clear water.

W- wash your face with the clean and clear water.

I- In the pool I love floating on my paddle board.

M- making waves with your hands.

M- making back-flips with your body.

I- In the pool I do the freestyle.

N- No eating, drinking and diving in the pool..

G- going in the pool and listening to the teacher.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Swimming Poem

S- streamline strokes pushing through the deep blue water.

W- warm water washing my body.

I- in the blue water I like to do back-flips.

M- my legs can reach down to the shining water.

M- my hair always gets wet when I go underwater.

I- In the blue water I always learn new skills in the pool.

N- No one can be in the pool after school and when it is lunchtime.

G- go and give me some goggles that's what my friends tell me.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Swimming Poem

S- super dive into the clear pool.

W- warm water keeping us warm.

I- instructor looks after us in case we drown.

M- my body floats backwards towards the end.

M- my body can backwards and can turn frontwards.

I- I can do a back-flip and a front-flip.

N- No drowning people in the swimming pool.

G- go to the toilet before going to the clear pool.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Swimming Poem

S- Slow walking in the pool is such fun.

W- Washing my face feels like a race.

I- In the pool doing the freestyle always makes my nose sting.

M- Magnificent dolphin swimming is actually hard.

M- Main thing about swimming is listening.

I- I'm really good at floating on my back in the pool.

N- No one is allowed to eat in the pool.

G- Going to swim in the pool is very exciting.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Swimming Poem

S - Swimming strokes and dolphin-swim makes me feel like a pro.

W - Washing my face with warm water feels like i'm in a race.

I  - In the pool doing streamlines is like i'm in a real competition.

M   - Magnificent waves move me around gently.

M  - My goggles help me under the clean water when I do freestyle.

I   -  Inside the pool we float like a peaceful starfish on the surface.

N  -  No diving is allowed in the swimming pool because you might hit your head.

G - Going to the pool makes everyone very happy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


On Wednesday 26 March 2015 all the schools in Tamaki, teachers and visitors come to Pt England beach in buses to welcome travellers.

When we came we went to where we had to sit. It took a while for it to start. We saw other schools having their lunch but we didn’t have ours. Later on, it started we had to stand up.

We heard the shell horn and saw two wakas. We saw a motorboat filled with people. When all of the people got on the beach the leader said a prayer.

Later on that day all of the people got to speak. After a long while all of the schools got to high-five all of the visitors hands. Last of all we took a moment to relax.

Then all the schools went back to their work. I thought it was a very cool and a good lesson for us.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


On Saturday 25 1915 New Zealand and Australian soldiers got ready to fight in Gallipoli, Turkey. We have Anzac day to remember 1800 who died for our country.

Today we went to church, each of the classes had different poppies. When church were finished we went to where Mary stood. Fiapo and I got ready to read.

After we read we put the New Zealand flag over the white crosses. Later on that day we learned about ‘Simpson and the donkey.’

Simpson worked with the ambulance. They didn’t have ambulance back then so they used donkeys. Simpson was very kind to donkeys and so the donkeys were good to Simpson. Simpson used to put the injured soldiers on the donkeys to take the soldiers back.

When the New Zealand and Australian soldiers got to Anzac cove some of them knew they would die so they ran covering their faces so if they got shot they would know who died.

One day a soldier found a turtle in the trenches and kept it as a pet. When the soldier came back he saw the other soldiers eating the turtle.

The youngest Anzac was James Charles. He went to war when he was only fourteen. There was a nursing home with 1000-bed called ‘The poppy Inn.”

Sometimes when the turks are running to the Anzac they stepped on landmines and die. Some donkeys that go to Gallipoli comes from Greece.

Lots of soldiers write letters to their relatives or loved-ones. I think Anzac day is a great story of battle for our country.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Easter Show

On Holy Thursday Antonio, Gillian. Princeton and I went to the Easter Show in my mum’s car. When we got there I saw horse rides, racing, games and prizes.

We went to the petting zoo. I saw cows, pigs, goats, chickens, a bull and a donkey. We got to feed them with special treats. After that, we washed our hands and went on fun rides.

We stopped and tried win a prize. We had to try to get the hoop in the hole in the ground. I went inside the clown house. It was very fun. After that Antonio and I went on the rocking boat.

After a while we went to see a motorbike show. There were lots of men on colourful motorcycles.

Last of all it started to rain and we got inside the car and went KFC to get something to eat. I thought we had  a great time at the Easter Show.