Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday at School

On Wednesday our whole school was playing until the bell rang. When the bell rang we all went to our classes. In my class we sat on the mat and started our prayer time. During prayer time we read the Bible. After prayer time we went back to our desks.

We did Religious Education and some Maths. After we did Maths we got ready for morning tea. After the bell rang Mr Gaffney said "put your books on your desk and your hat on your head". We sat on the bench and ate our lunch.

We all went to play because we finished eating. Then we heard the bell ring so we went back to the class room. we were read our books. Later we did Spelling and did some writing and then went to have lunch.

When we finished having  lunch we went to class and packed up to go to Sylvia Park. When we went to Sylvia Park we watched our movie's. There was a lot of other schools there as well. My favourite movie was Tamaki College's movie. I liked Tamaki's movie because they're movie was about books.

When we finished all the movies we went back to school and got our bags and went home.

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  1. Wow! you had a lot of fun for a day yous must be exhausted