Monday, July 11, 2016

Cathedral Visit

On Friday the whole school went to the Cathedral on the bus. The whole school went after morning tea we went back to our classes and we had to wait for the bell to ring.Then the bell rang and everyone lined up but my class lined up inside.Then my class went outside and we were already in our line.We were the last one to get out of our class.The other classes were already at the front but at the back of the gate.After that we walked down to the bus, there was two buses Room 7 and Room 1 went in the last bus and Room 4,Room 3 and Room 5 went in the first bus.Then the bus started and we went . The first bus was noisy and people were singing.We got close to the Cathedral and the buses stopped. The whole school had to walk because we were already close to the Cathedral.When we got to the Cathedral the school was noisy because people were playing and talking.When Room 7 were singing a car came and horned at them but Room 7 was still singing.When the car was gone some of us were singing too.


  1. Hi Silia, I really like it how you and the whole school went to the cathedral for a mass. I hope you enjoyed it at the cathedral mass. I really like it how you made your story interesting.

  2. Hey Silia,I really liked the way how you described the cathedral and what experience you had.