Monday, July 11, 2016


On Tuesday room 3 went to the hall because there was soccer we had to line up outside.When we got in the hall coach Danny told us to sit down.And he was still setting up he putted 6 cones on some of the sides.He said if you get tagged from the tagger you are  out and if you get passed every single one you are the winner.Before we played he chose three taggers the first tagger was Akesa the second tagger was Alfred and the last tagger was Malia and he said when you are finished touch the wall.The tagger can not go back words or front words only side to side.After that we started to play coach Dann said go and we all ran I went pass Akesa I had to get pass Alfred I got passed him so then I had to go pass Malia. After I got passed Malia we had to do a second round so then we did second round the second round I got tagged from Alfred. I loved playing soccer.


  1. Hi,Dianne
    I really like how you wrote in the story what room 3 had to do for soccer.
    I like your story because it reminds me of when I was in room 3 and I played this game with my friends.
    I think it would really help if you use your capital letters in the right place and put paragraphs in your story so we know it is a different part of the story.
    Well done Dianne.