Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Famiy Trip to Samoa

On Thursday I woke up and I was excited because I was  going too Samoa. I brushed my teeth and washed my face then I put gel in my hair and cream on my face. Then I got changed to  go to  the airport.

My little  niece Lyka came because she's going samoa too. Then lykas mum was talking with my big brother.
Lyka’s mum’s name is Victoria. Victoria and Lyka had to  go home and get ready to  go Samoa too.

When everyone was ready we waited for my dad to come. He arrived late and my mum said after we finished packing our clothes we can have McDonald’s at the airport.

Before we left too the airport we  drove my brother to get a Go-pro video camera from his friend. There was one movie on the camera called The Australia Movie. My brother told me that he was gonna make a video named Family Samoa Trip.

When we got to  the airport we were late because of my dad.  We had McDonald’s and KFC. I only had spicy chicken and and i didn't even have the normal chicken.

When we finished eating  we went to security check your bags. It was super boring and my big brother was also bored. When we finished checking our bags we waited in the waiting room to get into  the plane.

A man spoke through the speaker and he said gate 8 to Apia, Samoa is now open. We were finally going into the plane.  My brother told me to take your hats off when you are with that man scanning your ticket. We walked down and we saw a man, he asked me if I was excited then I said yes I am excited this is my first time going on a plane and going to samoa.

Our seat was number 26 we walked past the front seats because we were going to the back. We later found our seat .
So we sat down and we took a video on the gopro we were lip syncing and when we were finished we just waited.

It was just 2 hours we waited and the speaker said we will start our flight now so turn on your cell phones to airplane mode so we can have power and do not put on mobile data that will cause trouble then we did all of the rules so we moved backwards in the plane so my dad said take a video because you are next to the window so take a video the engine was going louder and louder and I was excited then we went 2000 meters up and it was scary but I saw a big traffic and when I came back my mum said she was in the traffic but the story didn't end so my brother his name is jerome timu. He was playing minecraft and he made a big machine that when it's night the big hall way turns on and when it day it's off.

Then the speaker turned on and it said you may put your seatbelts off but I didn't heard so I was talking all the way when I saw the sun it was half way down. I told my dad can I play on your phone and he said no and I said but it doesn't need internet and stall no and I told jerome then he said dad give it. It doesn't need internet so he said where. then jerome did all the work and my dad gave me the phone because I wanted to play Minecraft and it has mods in it there is rain diamond mod,lucky block mod,pokemon mod, then I did all of the mods.

I looked at my window and I saw the sun nearly going down I stared at the sun and it was moving down and I told jerome and my dad and also my brother was in the plane. It was cool that's my first time seeing the sun moving down. I was playing and playing then I had to go toilet then jerome wanted to go toilet so we had to go at the back. I went I went in first then the toilet was small the sink was very close to the toilet so I just had the number 1 I was finish I went out then I went in my spot I waited then jerome said ohh can I sit next to the window and I said yes so we swapped seats so I played on his tablet and he played on my dads phone.

I looked at the window and it was night it was all black then I only saw a red light it was beeping like in 4 or 5 seconds. I saw in Minecraft his light hall machine then i did a new world I built a house with wooden planks then I pranked jerome I said ohh look samoa I see a little part of samoa then said where in a big fright then i said there there. Then I said I was just joking then I was laughing loud then jerome said ehha then I said shame you just got pranked hahahahahaha. Then I started playing on his tablet then jerome said nah no tablet then i said yeah i don't care because you gave me the phone haha shame and dads phone is 50 present and your one is 30 haha. Shame on you. So i have more then when I said haha. Then he said I want my spot back then I said yes so I went and I sat on my normal spot.

I saw a yellow light then it was samoa and also I ate doritos and coke. We were at samoa then the speaker said tight your seat belts and lean back so we did it and the plane went down and when it land it bounce and my head and jerome's head on the roof then I saw a big building we landed.

We got out I thought samoa was this hot but it's warm benjamin said and my dad we walked to the ticket lady to scan our tickets after that we went somewhere to change jerome's money because his mum gave him 200$ because she was crying and jerome was a little crying we all changed all our money and went where all the people was waiting so we walked out and there was like over a 100 people there then we walked through the people and I saw my uncle pio he had a huge beard last time when he came to new zealand he had a short beard.

I hugged him very hard that I missed him and longo and uncle sonny was there he said hi boy then I said hi uncle we waited until I nearly got bored then nana eva came so my dad and uncle pio carried nana eva to the front but not the front front I meant back front. Then uncle sonny said who wants to sit next to nana eva then I said me so we packed and went then uncle paid the airport man then we drove off we saw villages pigs and turtle pond.
Then we saw dogs and shops. When we arrived there we saw a cool hotel but the rest family stayed at another hotel so they didn't have a pool we had a pool. So we just got changed but my dad left my bag over to the  airport and I didn't even know because I was to busy play on the bed because we had our own bed next to each other and my brother had his bed at the far end so we just played and took a video so my dad said oh we're gonna go too pio’s for a visit we went by taxi when we arrived there the  dogs were  barking then  uncle pio said get away then I came inside I saw a lady and she said hi Etuale and that was aunty louise she was uncle pio’s wife.

She gave me supa sue. I said jerome come eat. Then he said nah and I said ok suit yourself then I ate  my aunty sape gave me cooked fish then jerome said oh can I have some then I said then why didn't you. Jerome said but can I have some then I ohhhhh fine. So we ate the fish. Then aunty sape ate some when jerome was full on the fish so we ate then we were finished. then a baby was crying but he was so cute. He met me then I said too uncle pio we got you something that you like uncle and baby pio.

We stayed at uncle pios for one hour so we left and we went in uncle pios car but it was big so we went at the back we didn't need to put our seatbelts on. When uncle pio was driving I said to benjamin ay we saw sticky tv then benjamin said yes because jerome won't believe me so I said see. you are wrong.

When we arrived to the hotel we were exhausted we went in our room to go in our bed  my dad went for a smoke outside. So benjamin took a video and did this he said to us pretend we were partying.


  1. What a fantastic (and long) story about your trip to Samoa. You must have had a great time.

  2. Hi Etuale,
    I really liked the words you used to explain what you did because I was there and you explained it like I would have. I think you need to work on when capital letters. Nice writing.
    From Joseph