Friday, July 8, 2016

My Long Weekend

During the long weekend my aunt came to sleepover at my home . I was playing card’s with her. She wins every time  because she is good at playing cards .My mum told me to vacuum and she will give my aunt her phone .So i got the vacuum out and started to vacuum. After I  vacuumed she said to get the bed out so i went and got the bed out. When i got the bed out then she gave her phone to me. I was playing my car game it was cool. My mum was talking with my aunt. My aunt brought me some puddling . It was caramel it was yummy . My mum asked my aunt if she wanted  to watch TV. I said can we watch a movie. She said yes, go and get your dad and your brothers. I said they are asleep. OK let’s watch a movie. I picked Jurassic world. I liked it because it was full of dinosaurs. I liked the end because the T-Rex became the king of the forest. After the movie we played Last Card my mum won because she is good at the game.Then we played speed. My aunt won because she is fast.Then we played match. I am good at that game.Then we had a Milo with Tim Tam’s.Then we went to McDonald's. It was yummy and played on the playground . Then we went  home. That was the best day ever.


  1. That was certainly a very cool and long day, Diego.

  2. Diego ,
    Your weekend sounded very fun Diego .That is my favorite part of the movie too when the T Rex becomes the king of the jungle.

  3. Well Done Diego,
    I liked how started with capital letters and ended in full stops.I think your I's should be in capitals because I use to do the same mistakes.Next time try proof reading so you can fix your mistakes.

  4. I like the way you explained what you did on the weekend but explain more about where you went next time and explain how you went there too and who you went with. What are their names and where.
    they came like what car you need to think about that before you start.

  5. HI DIEGO well done you have a really long interesting piece of writing keep up the good work.