Friday, November 11, 2016

Olympic Narrative!

Olympics Narrative

On 29 of August I was at the 2016                                                                        Olympic Games. It was my turn to sprint in the 100m race I was  versing 6 people. I come from the country called New Zealand and the other people that I was competing was the Tongans,USA, RSA, Mexico, Brazil and Great Britain.

When the sprinters were changing for  100m sprint they had to run around the course five times, then they have to cross the finish line. When the sprinters came out to sprint the 100m run there were lots of audience cheering for their own country.

It was time to sprint. The starter had to shoot the gun which meant that the runners had to run he Shouted "ready,set...Go" we ran fast as cheetah. Diego cheated, he was cheating by lying that he broke his left leg. So paramedics came and took him to the hospital Rio has ever had. I came 1st,Christopher came 2nd,and Diego came 3rd. We won our medals.

After that people went back to their homes to have a rest and everyone was happy.