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The big game

WALT- To find information from the text.

The Big Game

By Sue Gibbison

School Journal Part 3, Number 1, 2007

Finding Information

  1. List 7 things (conditions) the children did for Mum to say ‘yes’ to the rugby. 

They folded the clothes and put them away, they hung up their school bags and emptied their lunchboxes, they also made their beds, they set the table and they did the dishes without being asked.

  1. What did Mum wish?

 She wished that there was a big game more often.

  1. Why did Mum pick them up early from school that day?

 That’s when they had a game so they would be early.

  1. Where were the children’s seats?

 In the middle of the front row.

  1. What feelings did the children feel?

 His stomach started flipping like crazy. 

  1. How do we know that the children were watching the players carefully? 

They said that they wanted every detail.

  1. Why did people text their friends?

 So they know where they are sitting.

  1. How do we know there were lots of hungry people there?

 People were lining up to get hot chips.

  1. Which words tell us the children watched the game all the time? (Use speech marks). They said “Our eyes were glued to the game from beginning to end”.

  2.  How many points are scored for a try?

 It is five points.

  1.  How many points are scored for a conversion? 

It is two.

  1.  What was the part, the children were really waiting for?

 For them to go by the gate so then the players could sign their autograph.

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