Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baseball Tournament
It was a hot sunny day. All the teachers took their classes to play baseball outside on the field. We lined up in our six groups so it could be equal. All the classes had to sit down to watch group one and group three play each other. After that group four and group five walked over to the other side of the field. I was very very hot and tired. My brother batted after Simeone. Then the bell rang and we had to go to where the other children were. After the bell rang we had to play the final game. In the last innings we won just by one home run. It was very exciting. Our grand prize for winning was lollipops and chocolate

Monday, March 21, 2011

In the weekend, I went to my cousin’s house with my other cousin. We slept there for the night. In the morning we woke up so we could get ready to go to the swimming pools. My auntie picked up Salome, her children and I to go have a swim at the pools. When we had finished, my cousin went to change and Salome and I were still swimming. Auntie said that when my cousins come out of the changing room, Salome and I must change. When we had finished swimming we went home and Salome had a shower at home. After that we took turns on the computer and then we had K.F.C for dinner.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Favourite Place

My family and I were having a great time on holiday. When I heard my aunties
shout, “ Time to go to Rotorua! “ Soon everybody was in the cars and on our way.

I went with my auntie Heather from Australia but everyone else went in their own cars, I think.
When we got there we had to wait a very long time, because my mum went shopping. A while later we signed in and that took about half an hour, for all of us
A few minutes after we signed in, we jumped onto the white square gondola and up, up and up we went. When we were walking to the little carts, called luges we saw a huge sky swing. My uncle nearly went on it, but my cousin Kaha didn’t let him, so off we went.
Soon we put our safety helmets on and off we went.
First I went with my auntie Heather. She said that it was very hard to slow down. I liked going up on the open chair- lift. My cousin Sally and I waited for another adult. Later my Dad came and took me. He went really fast. My favourite part was coming up on the chair- lift. I felt happy and I had real fun.