Thursday, May 12, 2011

Aussie Rules

On Tuesday afternoon Room 5 and 6 went out to the fields to learn a sport called ‘Aussie Rules.”

It was a new kiwi sport for me. I learnt how to kick the rugby shaped ball and also catch it. We played fun warm up games.

We all got into three groups and when the instructor blew the whistle we had to make a shape that they call out. My favourite shape was making a tower. It was hard but fun.

After our warm up games we got into our serious mode to play ‘Aussie Rules.’ I was in the “Tigers” and we played against the “Lions.” It was a long and hard game but at the end we lost.

Aussie Rules is an awesome game and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope we can play this more often.

By Valenisia

Rainbows End!

On Monday I went to “Rainbows End.” There was a little bit of rain but it didn’t stop me from being excited.
I went to the `Roller Coaster.’ There was food and water and heaps of rides. I went on the “Fear Fall” and it was fun. Leigh and I went on the “Log” and my mum and Leigh played golf. I played on the games.
I went to the “Golden Rush”. After it finished, I went to the Fear Fall” five times. A lady asked me “Are you going again?” I said “yes.” It was funny when she was laughing. She made me laugh when I got on the ride. When everything closed, mum and I and Leigh went home.

Monday, May 2, 2011

On a beautiful summer morning we went to Maraetai beach. When we got to Maraetai, my family was at the other side of the road. We went there to join my cousins. We were on top of the bridge and it was scary. They screamed and it was loud.
Soon it was time to eat. I went and changed out my wet clothes into my dry clothes. When we were finished, I went to the beach again.
Then it was time to go home. I dived down and it was my best day ever in my life

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day is flying, getting some honey
Day is flying across our house.
Softly softly
Softly in their air.
Yellow and gold colours.
In the house
Yellow and gold.

By Simeone and Christopher