Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My Wonderful Holiday

On Saturday morning I went down the road with my friend. I was playing on his computer after that we played Ripper Rugby. I was in the green team. We only had 3 players and we were winning. All you had to do was rip the tag off. After that we went over to my big brothers friends house and he had 3 cats and he had his cousin over. His name was Joseph. After that we watched a video. Then they came over to our house. We were talking to our next door neighbor. Then we went inside. My big brothers friend brought his computer outside so we can watch some movies. Next our next door neighbors came over to my place then they went to go and get some blankets because we were cold. So they went to get some blankets. After that we went on the movie four k website and I watched a scary movie. It was called The Silent House. I was scared because I was scared for a  bit. We only watched half of the movie. After that I went to sleep. Then I woke up and went inside then I went to sleep.

By Courtney

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  1. You had such a busy holiday, Courtney. THank you for writing about it. I look forward to your next piece of writing.