Monday, August 12, 2013

My Wonderful Holiday

In the holidays I went to Samoa. On the first day we went to Apia it was a long way. When we got to Apia first we went to buy a new fridge and stove. Then we went and bought some food from Frankie in Samoa. After that we went to Movies For You. I ordered the Oz Great and Powerful and some more. After all that we went back home then we went to sleep. But I watched the Oz Great and Powerful. On Monday night on the second week we came back to New Zealand. On Tuesday morning I went to the movies with my cousin and big sister. First we went to Pak 'n' Save to get some food for the movies. We got inside the movies and we opened our chips so that we don't make a noise while the movie is on. The part in the movie that I don't like is my sister always said Saveu can I have some of your chocolate? Then we went home.

By Saveu

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  1. I especially don't like people making noise with their chips in the movies, either Saveu. I am glad you enjoyed your trip to Samoa. You will now need to think about forming paragraphs in your writing.