Friday, August 9, 2013

My Wonderful Holiday

On the very sunny Saturday morning my friends and their cousins and I went to Rainbows End. When it was morning me and my friend were so excited to go to Rainbows End. First of all we brushed our teeth and washed our face. Then we got changed and waited for my friends cousin to co me and pick us up to go to Rainbows End. When she came we were so happy to go. My friends cousins name was Jessica. Before we went to Rainbows End, Jessica got some money to go to Rainbows End. We were finally there. When we got in we were so excited to go on the rides. The first ride we went on was the bumper cars. It was so fun and I bumped my friend 2 times. After that we went on the bumper boats. My friend Tara and Tyra and I were waiting for a long time. Finally we got on one of the bumper boats. The water splashed all over me and I was soaking wet! When we got out I was very wet and my friend Tyra was too. Then we went on this ride call the Fear Fall. When we dropped down me and my friend were trying to scream but we couldn't because of the air. A minute after all of us went to go eat. I had some hot chips and my friend had a sandwich and a can of coke. While we were eating we were watching a show. When the show finished we were still eating.  When we were finished we went on the slide called the Louge. A while after the last line we went on was the bumper cars. Then it was time to go. It was a very fun day. When we went to McDonalds. My friend Tyra and I had an ice-cream cone each and it was very yummy! It was a very fun day today. I hope I go there again!

By Lenleigh

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