Friday, August 8, 2014

Mrs Pole farewell- Telesia

On Friday we had a whole school mass for Mrs Pole. First of all my class and I lined up with the rest of the school. Everyone went into the church and genuflected before sitting down. Then we invited Father Ioseva to the church with our singing. I was very sad that Mrs Pole was going to leave. I was about to cry because she was retiring. On my card I gave to Mrs Pole it had "I will remember you everyday".

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Holiday - Katelyn

During my holiday my holiday my Mum, Beni, JT, and I went to the movies. Before the movies My mum and I went to visit my sick aunty at Middlemore Hospital and my Old Grandpa at Aronui Rest home. It was sad seeing them. At 4 o'clock we went to the movies we brought tickets to watch Malificent. We also bought drinks, Ppcorn and Ice-cream to eat when we were watching the movies. When we were inside the Cinema it was really dark. Some parts of Malifcent were really scary. My favourite part of the movie was the end because it was a happy ending. After the movie we went home and Beni and JT slept over.

My Fun Holiday - Katelyn

One Saturday afternoon my aunty picked me up to go movies with my cousin Beni. We went Sylvia Park in Mt Wellington. First we had lunch at the Food Court. I had a meal from Burger King. When we were full we went to the Warehouse. Beni and I went a to the toy section, there were so many toys. When were leaving the Warehouse Beni bought a grey Hot Wheels car. We then went to Pak'n Save to get some snacks to eat when we watch the movies. We got a drink, chips and a chocolate cookie each. We watched the Lego movie. First we had to line up to enter the Cinema room. It was dark when the movie started. I felt excited. I favourite part was near the start of the movie. I had fun that day with my aunty and Beni.

My Soul-friend - Katelyn

My Soul-friend is Lopeti,he is 12 years old. He likes playing Rugby. His favourite fruit is an Apple and he loves eating Pizza. His favourite singer is Chris Brown because he can sing really good and can dance as well. His favourite video game is Call Of Duty , he likes this game because he likes the guns. His favourite teacher is Mr Slade. Lopeti's best friend is Frank. Lopeti is always kind to me. I am lucky to have a Soul-friend like Lopeti.

Good Friend - Katelyn

A good friend to me is someone who is friendly, patient. I can trust my good friends. A good friend is helpful, generous and funny. A good friend shares her/his  things when you have nothing. A good friend is someone who does good things. A good friend also forgives you when you do bad. A good friend is a good reader and writer. A good also likes to go Library. I have a lot good friends at St Pius X school.

My Wonderful Holiday - Katelyn

In the holiday I went to Rotorua with my brother, sister, mum and dad. We drove there in a car. It was a long drive. When we got to Rotorua we had to go get the key for the house we were staying in from the petrol station. Then we to go looked for the house. The next day we went to the Luge. We first had to go to the top on the Gondola. When we got to the top we were given helmets. I got the blue helmet. We had to line up to go on the carts. I had to go with my mum because I wasn't old enough to go by myself. My mum and I went down the slow lane. Heaps of people were going past us. People were getting stuck. When we got to the end of the track we had to go back up on a swing. You had to jump to get on to the swing. My mum was scared because the swing was too high. When we got to the top we went back. This time we went a little bit faster then the last time, it was fun! When we went back to the top again we went to the Jelly bean store. I saw a picture of Harry Potter made out of Jelly beans. After the Luge we went to watch a Space Movie. After the movie went had Ice-cream, then we went home.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Good friend - Samuel

Good friends is about caring, being kind, and helpful to a  special person. You need to be polite to them, be happy and do funny things with them. Be Joyful and gentle to them because they are amazing . Play with them and share your lunch with them. Be understanding with them. My best friend is Viane.

Basketball - Samuel

Basketball is my favourite sport. Basketball makes us fit, because we run, shoot hoops, pivot, jump stops and many other exercises. My favourite Basketball player is Michael Jordan, I like him because he was very good at shooting hoops. I play Basket ball with my brothers at the Manukau Burger King. I win all the time. At school we learn to play Basketball, we play "Follow the Leader" who ever double dribble loses and has to sit down. We also learn we tricks like the behind the back pass, catching the ball and dribbling real fast. Basketball is fun.

Milk Presentation - Keira

This presentation is about Milk. The presentation is about how grass changes to milk and why milk is good for us. 

Milk Presentation - Malakai

This representation is about Milk from Malakai.