Monday, November 14, 2016

Etuale's Olympic Writing

Italy 1892 02 August

The Big Ben clock with The Gold medal
These are the people that are going to London.
Kando, Bhutto, Shane, McMahon, Forna, Shorn, Fan, Pan and Kando. Bhutto was going to London for the Olympics, today he was participating in the running for the Olympics. Shane, Mcmahon, Forna, Shorn and Fan. Pan was the people who’s gonna watch the olympics in 1892 we drove past and looked at the Big Ben.  

At the Olympics, but the Big Ben broke because of the
Workers did something wrong. But the clock just stopped working because Kando. Bhutto was just looking at the gold medal but the workers started to do a big splash but I didn't know what was the splash  was super big. That the gold medal dropped in the clock machine of Big Ben. So the workers pulled the gold medal out and Big Ben started working. Then everyone started to clap and shouted ‘hooray!’ So that's when the olympics started here on 1892 02 August.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


On Tuesday Room 3 had their basketball lesson.They were very excited to have their basketball lesson.
Our coach named was Malek. He told us to go and grab a ball, the basketballs were pink and black. All the girls got a pink ball but one boy got a pink ball it was Diego when we all got our ball, our coach Malek told us to line up on the yellow line to start our basketball lesson.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Water park -Silia's Narrative Writing

One day my family and I went to Dreamworld. First we went to buy some KFC. When we got to Dreamworld, it wasn’t open because four people had died in a boat.
They died because the boat flipped over and hit the. So after that we went back to KFC and ate our bucket of chicken.

After we went to KFC we went back to the park, we had fun when we were at the park. At the park we were playing tag and hide and seek.

Later on my brother and I were hungry. So we asked our dad and he checked the bucket and luckily there were more chicken left over.

Later on we went back home and had a shower. After our shower, we watched television.

Christpoher's Olympic Narrative

On the  1st of July I went to Brazil. I went to Rio De Janeiro so I can go join the olympics.

At the stadium “I saw a lot of people” they were “cheering” already. The stadium was humongous.

I went to the place where you write what you compete it is called check in. I said “I want to compete in the 1000m run.” But I didn’t know what to do?

I said “I am representing Tonga. I was representing Tonga because they haven’t got a medal.”

Everyone was cheering loud because they saw Usain Bolt. I said “I cannot compete with Usain Bolt he is too quick.”

Then out of nowhere when I was practising my coach shot me with a bow and arrow and destroyed my Iphone 7. So I couldn’t call the ambulance.
The ambulance had to come from the hospital because there was blood dripping. But there was an ambulance near by so they came and helped their favourite athlete.

Then there was lighting so it was canceled and I was all better so I went and got my gold medal. But then the next day I competed for the 1000m sprint. I was versusing Opeti, Palu and Diego. I could not beat Opeti, but I can get in a tie with Palu, but I can beat Diego.

My manager shot me and there was thunder so it canceled for tomorrow. I was all better and I had a tie with Opeti. So Opeti and I came first and Palu was second and Diego was third.

Olympic Narrative!

Olympics Narrative

On 29 of August I was at the 2016                                                                        Olympic Games. It was my turn to sprint in the 100m race I was  versing 6 people. I come from the country called New Zealand and the other people that I was competing was the Tongans,USA, RSA, Mexico, Brazil and Great Britain.

When the sprinters were changing for  100m sprint they had to run around the course five times, then they have to cross the finish line. When the sprinters came out to sprint the 100m run there were lots of audience cheering for their own country.

It was time to sprint. The starter had to shoot the gun which meant that the runners had to run he Shouted "ready,set...Go" we ran fast as cheetah. Diego cheated, he was cheating by lying that he broke his left leg. So paramedics came and took him to the hospital Rio has ever had. I came 1st,Christopher came 2nd,and Diego came 3rd. We won our medals.

After that people went back to their homes to have a rest and everyone was happy.