Thursday, December 6, 2012

Patrick - Thank you Letter

       Thank You Letter
Dear Mrs Wright

Thank you for all your lovely books you have given to us. They are all lovely books.
“My name is Patrick I am 8 years old and I’m in Room 5 St Pius X Catholic School”.  My Favourite subject is reading. Reading is good for me because, when I am reading a book I have to know the words.
“My Favourite book is Bakugan Vexos vs Resistance”.   I like this book because all the Bakugans are powerful and strong. In the book Dan has a Bakugan called Drago, Dan and Drago had a battle with Spectria, Spectria has a Bakugan called Helios.
I like Duffy books because they help me to read. When I read and I don’t know the meanings of the words I look it up in the Dictionary.
Thanks again for all your lovely duffy books.
God bless you may you have safe journeys and Merry Christmas.
From Patrick Year 4 

Thank you letter- Kalolaine

Dear Mrs Beverlry Wright
Thank you for the wonderful books. I am Kalolaine and I am 8 years old and in room 5 at St Pius X Catholic School.
My favourite book is the “The Karate Mouse”. It is my favourite because it is interesting and funny. The story is about Geronimo entering a Karate competition. Geronimo gets trained by his friends Bruce Hyena and Shorty Tao because it was Geronimo’s first time doing Karate.
Reading is important because it helps me to get brainy and it will help me get work when I’m older.
Thank you again for the wonderful books.

Thank you Letter - Joshua

Dear Mrs Beverley Wright
Hello, my name is Joshua and I a 9 year old in room 5. Thank you for my beautiful books that you gave to me this year.
My favourite book was “Horrible Geography Blooming Rainforest” because it is all about Jungles and Rainforests. The Author of my favourite book is Anita Ganeri. This book is about a teacher who was always growling at the children and she keeps on barking and barking at the humans.
I like Duffy books because they make me read and be clever and it makes me happy. I like reading books because they are exciting and it makes me laugh.
Thank you again for the lovely books to my school. Last of all I hope you have a merry Christmas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Thank you Letter - Victoria

Thank You Letter

Dear Mrs Beverly Wright,

I am Victoria and I am in Room 5 and  I am Year 4.
Thank you for the Duffy books that you gave us.

My favourite Book is "Every Day on Earth". I like my book because it is funny. I like looking at the pictures. I always laugh.

I like reading Duffy books because I get brainy. I also like reading because I learn about the books.

Once again thank you for the cool books and lovely Duffy books that you gave us.


Samantha- Thank you Letter

Dear Mrs. Beverly Wright, My name is Samantha and I’m 8 years old and I’m in Room 5. Thank you for coming to our school and giving us our lovely books. My favourite book was “Accidentally Friends”. My favourite subject is Reading because it helps me to learn. The reason why I like the book is because it is interesting and it makes me laugh. Thank you again. I wish you are Merry Christmas :)

Vaine - Thank You letter

Dear Mrs Beverley wright,
My name is Vaine and I am year 4 and I am in room 5.
My favourite book is “I spy” because it is very cool. The author is Jean Marzollo.
I like this book because I like to find facts.
I like Duffy books because I like it read them.
Once again I will like to say thank you.
I wish you have I lovely day and a lovely Christmas.
By Vaine

Alecia-Thank You Letter

Kia Ora Mrs Beverly Wright

My name is Alecia and my favourite subject in school is reading. I am 9-years old, I am in Room 5.

Thank you for these wonderful Duffy books that we have received. It was a privilege to receive these books.

My favourite book is “Thea Stilton’s Big Trouble in the Big Apple.” It is about 5 sisters that go to New York.

One of the sisters enters a running marathon. But there was a problem there was someone threatening the people with letters. At the end they find out who is threatening the people and lived happily ever after.

The Reason why I like Duffy books is because they help me. I also like reading because it’s really awesome.

Thank you once again. I wish you all the best. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours Sincerely Alecia Haiosi

Rosalina - thank you letter

Dear Mrs Beverly Wright

Thank you for bringing wonderful interesting books to our school.

In case you do not know me, my name is Rosalina, I am a student in Room Five and I am  year four.

My favourite book is “ The Dog Who Saved Christmas.” The reason why I like this book is because it is interesting and gives my brain new words. The author is Allan Zullo.

Well the story is kind of sad which makes me cry because someone dies on Christmas eve and I don’t think that is the right time to die.

I like Duffy books because it makes me intelligent and brainy.

I like reading because it will help you have a better life and if you study hard you might go to university and get a degree.

Well I thank you again for the wonderful books you have given us.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Love from Rosalina