Thursday, September 12, 2013

Saint Pius Feast Day

On a bright day, Saint Pius x school celebrated Saint Pius x Feast day. The school went into the Hall, Room 2 and Room 1 went in first to sit down. The whole school and teachers sang Happy Birthday to you. Everyone was singing happily. Later on Mrs Tui called some of the older girls from Room 7 to come and give out the cake. The cake was big and there was enough for the whole school to eat! Some of the kids had two pieces of cake. After eating cake Mrs Tui asked if the Te Rangatira group could stand up and speak about it. Last of all it was time for the Basketball tournament. Kiwis stood up first and went to their leader. Kiwis went to Alexs older sister we had two lines. We went to the courts and lined at the back of the line, Tuis and geckos played against each other it was fun because Tuis won. Everyone was cheering and screaming for their team. After Basketball the students went back to class and got their bags and sat in two lines so we could go home. It was a fun and a sunny day.

By Mikaela 


On a rainy day Room 5 had Badminton. First we had to get our gear ready. We met a guy named Robbie. He told everyone “Good afternoon I am Robbie” Mr Gaffney told us to say “Good afternoon” so we did. We use shuttlecocks and rackets. He told everyone to go in one line to get a racket and shuttlecock. I was last because I told the people at the back to go in front of me. Then he told everyone to space out because someone might get hit with the rackets. We were using back hand grip. Mr Gaffney told me “stretch your arm so it will be much easier.” So I tried it and it worked. He said “You are doing well keep it up.” I hit him with the racket and I said “So sorry”. Robbie called us to “come and sit down.” He told us to partner up. I went with Pio because nobody picked him.

He was first to serve. It was so funny because when Pio served he missed it. Then it was my turn and I did a perfect one because it flew in to the air and hit his head. We were laughing like there was no tomorrow.
When our lesson was finished Robbie said “We are going to use nets.” Then we had to go in two lines so we can eat our yummy lunch.”   

By Samantha

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


On a hot sunny day room 5 went to Badminton. First of all Robbie introduced himself. Next we got into a line. Then we a racquet and a shuttle cock. After that we had a warm up game. Then we learned how to hit the ball. We played hit the racket back hand serve. I think I did quite well. After that we played a game it was fun. Room 5 all had a turn at hitting the racquet and the shuttle cock. After all of that we had to sit. Then we turned around and got ready to play on the nets. We had to pick a partner and I picked Malia. It was so fun playing with Malia. Finally we gathered together and said “Good bye 
Robbie.” It was so so sad that we did not get any more Badminton!   

By Saveu      

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

My Easter Weekend

On Thursday I went to church. On Friday I went again. On Saturday we went to singing practise for youth. On Sunday I went to youth. It was so much fun because we got to play in the courts. When we came back home we had a treasure hunt. I found 19 Easter egg. Later on we found all of them. So mum gave us some big ones. I had two cars, a pen, a bag, a book and thee small eggs.

By Marcus

Fredrick's Birthday

After school we went home and had a little rest until the birthday had started because the birthday boy was gone. While he was gone the kids were blowing up the balloons and decorating the house.A while later the birthday boy was here. He brought lollies home and started to play with them. My mum wrapped a present for Fredrick. It was Nike shoes but my mum said “Don’t tell him!” I replied “OK!” She told me to go and guard the house and if he comes then tell him to go inside. “Okay” I said. A while later……… He came! And I had to go and distract him and say “Go inside and play with Peti and Kalo.” So he went off.
 Finally we sang the birthday song while Ella brings the cake and my mum got the present. After that we had dinner. They were serving us Chicken, salad and sausages. Next we had our yummy desert which was Ice-cream and the yummy cake.
 A while later we played with the balloons. Jelsma chucked a pink balloon on my face. I said “Ha ha very funny I will get you back very soon.” I quickly chucked a blue balloon on his face. Fredrick was busy watching his favourite singer MattyB. It was the best birthday of my life.

 By: Samantha 

Swimming - Henrietta

On a lovely exciting Monday morning room 5 went swimming. When we got there the boys swam first. When they were swimming we sat with our books and read. When we were reading Mrs Mat told us to get changed. I was so happy. When the boys came out it was the girls turn. Everybody was noisy. When we got into the water Julian told us one by one to get in. When I got in it was cold. At the end we had free time. When we got out I was freezing. After that I got changed and I went back to class. I like swimming because they teach us how to swim with your arms out straight. I love swimming.

The Big Feed - Saveu

On one day there was a big feed in the ocean. The people were just talking and relaxing. It was so hot. That  is  why  the people came to the sea .Same of the kids played in the sand while the parents  ate  at  the tables. There were so many people there that the owner kicked them out. The people would not get out and they were too loud . A shark came and they were scared of the shark. They all went crazy. The years came past and the people grew old. There was a wedding at the same restaurant was the owner’s daughter’s wedding. They had a wonderful time. Suddenly while they were dancing the shark came again. They were all screaming and shouting “ HELP “ !!
One little boy loved pets that he made the shark laugh by tickling. After that they all had a celebrated and had a good time at the wedding. Suddenly all sang happy songs and talk. So they had a competition. All of the boy sharks came to the boys. Then all of the shark girls came to the human girls. The owner did the competition. They had to go all the way as far as they could. If you are tired you can come back but if the sharks are tired you have to came back with or you can swim back. And they lived happy ever after.

Monday, September 9, 2013

On a bright Tuesday Room 5 went to badminton lessons we sat on the ground in the hall to listen what warm up game Room 5 is going to play. After the game Robbie told us to come back again to sit on the ground. Later on he told us to stand in one line. It was a long line that we had. Robbie gave us a racquet and a shuttlecock. Room 5 were hitting t eh shuttle in the air. After that Robbie told us to sit on the ground and then he told us that our lesson was finished. We went to class. Badminton was fun.

By Mikaela

Saint Pius Feast Day


It was a mild sunny day. Today was St Pius Feast day.

First we had lined up outside the classes and had said our school prayer.

When we had finished we all put our hands together for Church. Then we started to walk to our school Church.

To start off with we listened to what Father had to say. Next we had some readings from the bible. Following this, we sang some songs that was very comforting to some people who love those kind of songs.

At the final point the Mass was just about to finish.

Finally we did the bread and wine. Some people did not take the bread and wine and some people did.

The best thing I liked about Mass was that we all got together.

By Moana

Friday, September 6, 2013

Easter Weekend

On the Easter weekend I had a big Easter bunny it was so yummy. When I first got it I wanted to save it until I got back from church. So I did save it and when I came back I shared it with my family. It was a great celebration for me and my family. Before I gave the Easter eggs I said.'' Happy Easter Latu family. Welcome to our Easter family. Then on Tuesday we just had a family barbecue.

By Henrietta.