Friday, April 24, 2015

Get Wise

On Monday, Evan came to our school. He works at the ASB bank. We played three games. The first game we played was called "Say the Money". Evan held the fake money up and we had to shout out what the money was called. The second game was to travel. First Evan pretended to be a Caveman. The last game was to pass the cups and the fake money. It was fun.

My Christmas

At Christmas I went to the movies. I went with my brother, mum and dad. The movie that we were watching was called Boxtrolls. The Boxtrolls movie was funny because there were Trolls dancing and singing silly songs. There was a baby Troll dressed in a box.When we finished all the school videos came on the big screen. When the movie and the school videos were finished I went home and I opened my present. My present was a Apple Ipad. My brother got a Helicopter with remote control. Then the next day my mum's aunty and my mum's cousin came to my nan's house. My two cousins came with my little brother. We played tag and hide and seek. I had KFC with my family. Later I asked my mum if I could play songs on her phone. The song was called "Black Window". We were dancing and dancing. Later my cousins went back home and I went home too. I ate KFC again. I ate with my mum, dad , brother and uncle.

My Holiday

Last year my sister, brother, their friend and I went to the movies. We went in a bus. We watched Despicable Me 2. It was very funny, especially the Minions. My sister bought ice cream and popcorn. The girls were so cool. The youngest loved her Unicorn teddy bear. The man was famous to the Minions. The Minions loved Bananas and they spoke funny. At the end of the movies we all went to the shops and bought Lollies, Chips, Chocolate and Fizzy drinks. When we got our junk food we went to Pak'n Save to buy the whole family some food. It was very fun it was also very cold. We all walked back home. My brother and I were playing on the Trampoline. I was so tired. Finally we all went to sleep.                                                                                

My Holiday

First of all when I went to the pool I had i had to put Sunscreen on me. I had for all of us to go. Then we went into the pool. There was a park in the pool. I went on the slide the water was salty. I did a Cannonbolt jump. Next we went to eat cake. When we finished eating cake we went back home. After that we went to Countdown. We bought Milk, Cookie, stuff and some lollies. Finally we went home.

St Patrick's Day

On St Patrick's Day, March 17 we walked quietly into the church with our Soulfriends. We made a promise to take care of each other, share our lunch and share our feelings.
After in all went into the hall for a Duffy Assembly. Telesia and I were going to lead the assembly. I was better at reading. There were four guests their names were Mary, Peter, Peter, Peter and Peter. Next they were doing a play and asking kids to come and take a part in the play. The play was very funny. After that they asked people to come up for another play, and I was in it. Later on it was time to give out the Duffy books.
The Duffy Assembly was fun!

Get Wise

On Monday 09 March a stranger came into Room 3 and introduced himself. His name was Evan from ASB bank. He had a big black bag with fake money. We were going to play three fun games. First we had to guess the values of the fake money. There was one lost note. Evan couldn't find it. He also taught us about Eftpos cards and Credit cards. An Eftpos card uses your money when a Credit card uses the bank's money. Next Evan got us to face him. So we did. After that Evan said he was going to travel as fast as a Cheetah back in time. We went to the Caveman time where Evan taught us how Cavemen used to get food without using money. Caveman use to try to kill a hairy Mammoth and try to get the tusks off and trade for some food like Fish, fresh meat, Tiger skin or even sharp knives. Eventually we got to Pirate times. Evan told us how the Pirates use to keep their money safe without using the back. Pirates bury the Gold on a deserted island. That was the end of our journey back in time, but the fun did not end. Evan told us to make three line in front of Jerome, Dianne and me. Evan gave us three some fake money and gave the people in  front of us cups. We had to give the money to the people in front of us and they had to give us back the cups. When Evan had to leave, we all had said "goodbye " and "thank you" and we went back to work. I thought we had a fun journey with Evan.


On Wednesday 4th March we were walking to the field to play Golf. First of all we got a warm welcome from coach Stu. Next we saw a jumping ladder on the field. We were supposed to jump one step at a time then keep doing that until the next persons turn. It was really fun after that we lined up into three lines. We were having a race. We had a tee. We put the Golf-ball on top of the Tee. We then had to run to the finish line and back without dropping the golf. Later on we practiced playing Golf. This was really difficult, but we got the hang of it. I think that everybody in room 3 enjoyed their time with coach Stu.
After a long time we played a game called golf/ baseball. We played like this: first the batter has to hit the Golf-ball, then they have to run. The batter then has to run to the hoops. The other people need to get the ball to coach Stu. If you're still running when the ball is with coach Stu you're out. When it was time to go, we all said goodbye to coach Stu and went back to Room 3.
I really enjoyed Golf because it was a good experience for us.

February 18

On Wednesday 18 February, Prince, Jillian, Antonio, my mum and I were staying at home.
When my aunt Tula came and dropped off  King, the Husky and Beast, the Ridge-back we were all happy.
Later on we went outside and played on the trampoline with the dogs. The dogs were really funny.
Afterwards my mum went to Grey Lynn to go church.
When mum was at Church we had the idea to go to the dog pound. At the dog pound we saw Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Chiwawas and Ridge-backs. Some of the dogs licked our toes. Next we were really hungry so we went to McDonald's. Antonio and I didn't eat meat because it was Ash Wednesday. Then we went to the park with the dogs. The dogs jumped into the cold water. I climbed up the cliff to get to the car.
After a while we arrived to Pak 'n Save to get my lunch. We got candy, Fizzy drinks, Chips, Fruit, Popcorn, Ham, Cheese and Fruit Sticks.
When we got home I ate so much, I went straight to bed.

My Holiday

On Saturday 20th of January Father Filipo, my mum, and I went to Sylvia Park to watch "Big Hero 6". We used father Filipo's  big blue car to get to Sylvia Park. When we got there, we asked the cashier for two medium sized popcorn and 3 movie tickets. I was really looking forward to watching the movie. I also enjoyed eating the popcorn, Yum! While we were watching, father Filipo was asleep. In the movie there was sadness, happiness and I also experienced anger.
The movie was about a young boy and his older brother who died in a fire. What makes him angry is when he finds  out that his brother's teacher saved himself rather than helping the kids. So the boy seeks out revenge and tries to save the world from the evil teacher, on the way big hero 6 helps him. When the movie had finished, my popcorn was also finished. I thought the movie was fantastic.
From the movie I learned that I have to put other people first then myself. When we got home I wished I could go movies again. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This is my first time on my email.
I love my email because I always dreamed of  having one especially nobody can log in to my email.   I can send a message to Mr Gaffney and all the other teachers and the principal Mr Coakley and my parents.  I can even email my aunty and my uncle and my cousins in Hawaii and Tonga.

April 2015
 This is my first time on my email. I am excited to go on my email.  I like going on my gmail so I can sent things to Mrs Tui and Mr Gaffney. I am excited to sent photo to teachers.  At home I am going to sent things to everyone.  Helena