Thursday, November 24, 2011

Our Mystery Walk

On a nice sunny morning I got changed into my uniform filled up a bottle of cool water, got a delicious packed lunch and went to school.

After morning tea the whole class rushed to get their bags, hat, water bottle and lunch. Next we lined up sensibly outside wearing our red school hats and our bags. We had teachers and also had visitors (Mr Coakley and Miss Ana).

We then came outside and went down our school and followed Mrs Tui. Next we found out that we split up from the others and went the wrong way, so we quickly ran back the other way. Later on we went up a high hill and saw heaps of interesting trees.

After that we came to Dingle Dell Reserve Park. We went down heaps of straight steps. We saw heaps of trees. It was dark too. While we were walking Mr Hooker was busy filming and Miss Oldfield lead us to the wrong way. So we went back the other way. We all went together and then we were all amazed to see these tall green trees. We all had a nice lunch. People went on benches some people sat on the hard ground and some of the boys were playing rugby. I was going to put my rubbish in the bin when I saw a grave. It was George and Ella Robert’s grave.

Mrs Tui called us to come and walk back to school. When we got back to school I was out of breath and my chest was really sore. I had blisters on my feet and they were really sore. I was so tired and exhausted. But when I went home and I felt better.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Highlights of the Rugby World Cup

There was lots of excitement in the Stadium at Eden Park. Everyone came to watch the opening ceremony. There were fire works and celebrations. John Key and Jonah Lomu were also there. There were lots of face paints and there were lots of flags and banners. After that my family were biting there nails because they were nervous. When the All Blacks got there first try, they screamed and I had to cover my ears. France and New Zealand played the final game. It was a close match. The points were 7 – 8 to the All Blacks. All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup and the 4 million people of New Zealand were happy!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Weekend of Holidays

In the weekend I went to Church. When Church was finished, I went to the shops. After that we went home and I watched wrestling. We watched WWE Superstars and after that we watched SMACK DOWN! Then my big brother went out to go to work. When he came back, he came back at six in the morning, then I went to school.

Our Last Swimming Day

Today after Morning Tea 5a swimming group had to go to the pool. We had our togs, towels and caps. Then to line up near the gate and we went inside. We put our towels on the fence which surrounds the pools and put our feet in the warm water in a bucket. We walked up the stairs and went in the pool. When we got into the pool it was warm. We all played a game called 'Salmon- Says.' After our teacher Mr Burton said "Salmon says walk to the side of the wall and put our back on the wall." We played the alphebet game. This is how you play it. If Mr Burton says the leter of your name, you go to the other side of the pool. Then we went back at the other side and we played, 'Captains coming.' Left is port and right is starboard. Then we went outside and went to class.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

2011 Rugby World Cup acrostic poem

Really, Really exciting.

Unity in New Zealand.

Great, interesting games.

Ball is not circular, but oval.

You will shout out, “Go!”

We will all celebrate or Win over the world!!!

Our team is the greatest and the coolest!!!

Restless (As in a good way!)

Long games to look forward to!

Determined to win.

Confident to play and win!

Using their virtues to work together.

Practising for the World Cup.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Marble Jar Celebration

In the holidays Sally, Aunty Lizzy and I went to a Café in Greerton. It was called “The Pantry Café.” I’ve been there twice already.

Sally is my cousin and Aunty Lizzy is my mum’s twin sister, so we get to go and visit them every holidays. But sometimes they come to our house.

The reason why we went there is because we both have marble jars. We all have things we have to do to fill our marble jars. When we do those things we get a marble. When our marble jars are filled, we get a toy or something that we want, or we get to go somewhere with Mum or Dad.

Sally filled her marble jar to the top, so she wanted me to come along as well.

When we got to the “The Pantry Café” Sally and I chose what we wanted and ordered. Sally and I chose Raspberry Cheesecake and Caramel Fudge. While Aunty Lizzy was ordering, Sally and I chose a drink. We both chose “Coke.”

After we had ordered, Aunty Lizzy told Sally and I to go and find a table to sit at. We chose a table with the two spinning chairs. So Aunty Lizzy said that she would sit at another table.

A little while later I walked to Aunty Lizzy’s table and said, “My stomach hurts Aunty Lizzy!” So she said, “Okay,” so I went back to our chairs.

Soon Aunty Lizzy came to Sally and I and said, “I’m just going down the road to look for some shoes, to buy for Sally, but I’ll be back soon, okay?” So she went.

When she got back, she hadn’t found any suitable shoes and she said, “It was time to go!”

Later on when we had arrived home, Sally and I went outside and started talking to each other, because we were going back to Auckland that day.

Finally we were on our way back to Auckland!!!
I really enjoyed Sally’s marble jar celebration.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Playing Sprots (persuasive writing)

Statement: I think all children must play sports.

I believe that all children should play sports so they can be a champion sports player.

I believe that all children must all play sports so they can get energy and also get slim.

We all can play sports because it is good, we can be strong and have abbes and muscles.

It is so healthy to play sports and you can be a good famous player forever.

Reading Books (Persuasive Writing)

Firstly, everybody wants to read books so they can be clever. It is important so you can improve your reading.
Secondly, a good Speller can Read hard books. They can Read more so you can be a Good Speller.
Thirdly Children Should Read books so they can learn and speak well.
Finally People can achievement their Goals.
Their Parents can be proud of their work.
Conclusion I think every body in the world should Read books.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Aussie Rules

On Tuesday afternoon Room 5 and 6 went out to the fields to learn a sport called ‘Aussie Rules.”

It was a new kiwi sport for me. I learnt how to kick the rugby shaped ball and also catch it. We played fun warm up games.

We all got into three groups and when the instructor blew the whistle we had to make a shape that they call out. My favourite shape was making a tower. It was hard but fun.

After our warm up games we got into our serious mode to play ‘Aussie Rules.’ I was in the “Tigers” and we played against the “Lions.” It was a long and hard game but at the end we lost.

Aussie Rules is an awesome game and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope we can play this more often.

By Valenisia

Rainbows End!

On Monday I went to “Rainbows End.” There was a little bit of rain but it didn’t stop me from being excited.
I went to the `Roller Coaster.’ There was food and water and heaps of rides. I went on the “Fear Fall” and it was fun. Leigh and I went on the “Log” and my mum and Leigh played golf. I played on the games.
I went to the “Golden Rush”. After it finished, I went to the Fear Fall” five times. A lady asked me “Are you going again?” I said “yes.” It was funny when she was laughing. She made me laugh when I got on the ride. When everything closed, mum and I and Leigh went home.

Monday, May 2, 2011

On a beautiful summer morning we went to Maraetai beach. When we got to Maraetai, my family was at the other side of the road. We went there to join my cousins. We were on top of the bridge and it was scary. They screamed and it was loud.
Soon it was time to eat. I went and changed out my wet clothes into my dry clothes. When we were finished, I went to the beach again.
Then it was time to go home. I dived down and it was my best day ever in my life

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day is flying, getting some honey
Day is flying across our house.
Softly softly
Softly in their air.
Yellow and gold colours.
In the house
Yellow and gold.

By Simeone and Christopher

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Baseball Tournament
It was a hot sunny day. All the teachers took their classes to play baseball outside on the field. We lined up in our six groups so it could be equal. All the classes had to sit down to watch group one and group three play each other. After that group four and group five walked over to the other side of the field. I was very very hot and tired. My brother batted after Simeone. Then the bell rang and we had to go to where the other children were. After the bell rang we had to play the final game. In the last innings we won just by one home run. It was very exciting. Our grand prize for winning was lollipops and chocolate

Monday, March 21, 2011

In the weekend, I went to my cousin’s house with my other cousin. We slept there for the night. In the morning we woke up so we could get ready to go to the swimming pools. My auntie picked up Salome, her children and I to go have a swim at the pools. When we had finished, my cousin went to change and Salome and I were still swimming. Auntie said that when my cousins come out of the changing room, Salome and I must change. When we had finished swimming we went home and Salome had a shower at home. After that we took turns on the computer and then we had K.F.C for dinner.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Favourite Place

My family and I were having a great time on holiday. When I heard my aunties
shout, “ Time to go to Rotorua! “ Soon everybody was in the cars and on our way.

I went with my auntie Heather from Australia but everyone else went in their own cars, I think.
When we got there we had to wait a very long time, because my mum went shopping. A while later we signed in and that took about half an hour, for all of us
A few minutes after we signed in, we jumped onto the white square gondola and up, up and up we went. When we were walking to the little carts, called luges we saw a huge sky swing. My uncle nearly went on it, but my cousin Kaha didn’t let him, so off we went.
Soon we put our safety helmets on and off we went.
First I went with my auntie Heather. She said that it was very hard to slow down. I liked going up on the open chair- lift. My cousin Sally and I waited for another adult. Later my Dad came and took me. He went really fast. My favourite part was coming up on the chair- lift. I felt happy and I had real fun.