Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dear Rotary club

Thank you for my new dictionary. I really will enjoy reading and seeing new words I don't understand so I can use my new dictionary. I read all the time, I read at school and at home so I will use the dictionary a lot. I like the drawings because it helps me understand the words better.

Love Samuel

Dear Rotary club

Thank you for the beautiful dictionary I hope you will be blessed by God. I really will enjoy looking at the pictures on the pages. I like reading because it makes me a better learner and I will be smart.
I will use my dictionary carefully and sensibly. Thank you very much for the dictionary I hope you come back again.

By Mikaela

Dear Rotary club

Thank you for giving me this lovely new dictionary. I will learn new words and their meanings. I will really enjoy this lovely new dictionary. We hope you can come again another time. I will use my dictionary to find new interesting words. Thank you for a lovely and beautiful dictionary. We hope you can come back to St Pius X Catholic school.

Kind regards Malakai

Dear Rotary club

Thank you for the new yellow dictionaries. I will really enjoy my dictionary for it will encourage me to use different words in more detail.
I will really enjoy reading because the dictionary will help me gain more understanding. I will use my dictionary to improve my vocabulary.
Thank you
Love Claudia

Dear Rotary club

Thank you for my wonderful and lovely new dictionary. I found reading enjoyable and relaxing. Reading of course gives us knowledge. I will treasure my dictionary and I will share it with my younger brothers. Thank you again for your kindness.

Love Joseph

Dear Rotary Club

Thank you for giving me this awesome new dictionary, I will look after it. I really enjoy reading these new words and I like the picture because that are colourful and lovely. I like reading because it helps me with my spelling words so that I can learn my new words.
I will keep my dictionary clean and tidy and use it to look up all the new words that I can use in my writing.

Love Vanessa

Dear Rotary Club

Thank you for being kind and loving to us by giving us beautiful dictionaries to use and read. We now be able to correct the word we spelt wrong. I will enjoy looking up new and amazing words to use in my writing. I also like the pictures in the dictionary. I will use my new dictionary with care and I will treasure it forever.

Love Moana

Dear Rotary club

Thank you very much for giving our class beautiful dictionaries. I really enjoy reading the dictionary and finding the meanings of words. The dictionary will help me with my reading. Thank you for showing us love by giving us these new dictionaries.

Love Maris - Stella

Dear Rotary Club

Thank you for giving us new yellow dictionaries. I will really enjoy seeing the pictures. I like reading because it makes me intelligent. I will use my dictionary when I see new words that I do not understand, this dictionary will help make me smart. Thank you again for the dictionary.
Love from Falakiko

Dear Rotary Club

Thank you for giving me a brand new wonderful yellow dictionary. I really will enjoy learning new words and learning what they mean. I like reading because it helps me with my vocabulary and the dictionary will be useful. I will also use my dictionary for when I don't know how to spell a word.
Love by Annalisa

Thank you

Dear Rotary club

Thank you for the wonderful dictionary, I will treasure this dictionary. I will really enjoy using my dictionary to make my writing better. I will share my dictionary with my younger brother and sister. I will use my dictionary when I'm stuck with a new word.
Again, thank you so much for your kindness.

love from Alan.

Friday, November 14, 2014

My Holiday

In the holidays I went to the Swimarama swimming pools in Panmure. The inside pools had warm water and the pools outside had cold water.I first went to the outside pool. The water was so cold I jumped out of the pool and ran as fast as I could to the inside pool. As I was running I accidentally got my sister wet. She got angry at me for getting her wet but I just laughed. In the inside pool I kept swimming with my older brother. We had a race at swimming to see who could get to the other end the fastest, my brother always won.
On our way home I was very tired. When we got home I fell asleep watching t.v.

My Soulfriend

My soulfriend is Lose, she is 12 years old. Lose is kind to me. Lose likes reading, the book she is reading at the moment is The Wizard of Oz. Her favourite sport is Netball, she loves playing Netball. Lose's favourite movie is White Chicks. She likes Bruno Mars' music. Her favourite television program is Shortland Street.
Lose loves eating crunchy, juicy watermelons and she likes Mango drink.
Her bestfriend is Deja, they went to the same pre-school and now they are in the same primary school.

Fun Festival

During the weekend my cousins, aunties and I went to the Fun Festival at Alexandra Park.

There were many rides at the Fun Festival. The first ride I went on was the Sizzler, it was fun. There was also a Horse ride so Alilia and I went there, the Horse was huge.

During the Fun Festival it began to rain. I thought the rain wasn't going to stop but I was wrong. When the rain stopped everyone was having a great time.

Before we left we got to go on one more ride.Alilia and I chose to go on the Sizzler again. When we were off the Sizzler we ran to the car where my Uncle Willie and Aunty Donna were.Before we went home we had Island Cakes it was yum!

Weekend story

During the weekend I went to my cousin's house. My mum, dad, brother and I love it when we visit my cousins house. We all watched a movie on the television in my cousin's living room. Before we left my cousin's house we had dinner. On Sunday day I went to my uncle's home. My uncle has an amazing house. My uncle lives close to a park so we decided to go and eat fish and chips at the park. When it became dark we went back to my uncle's house, I ended up sleeping over at his house.

My mum

My mums name is Phyllis. She is forty one years old. She lives with my sister Stephanie ,my brother Tyson and I.

Her hair is nice, it has the colour Brown and Purple. She also has brown eyes that sparkle.

The things that she likes to do is to be with my sister and I. She loves my sister and I soooo much.

My mum is always at her best and always makes sure that we have food, shelter, and love. She always takes us to church because she wants us to be good people when we grow up.

I love my mother because she always wants the best for me and the family.

Why I love school?

Today I am going to tell you why I love school. There are many reasons why I love school so lets get started!

I love school because every week we have exercise in the hall which helps keep us fit. Exercise in the hall is also very fun when doing it with friends.

Another reason is its good learning about Jesus. I like learning about how Jesus  suffered for us on the cross. I also love reading the Bible, because I can learn how to follow in Jesus' footsteps and learn about how he lived.

I love school because we get to make Butter and Jelly. It is good to learn to make food because one day I can cook for my family without getting hurt by the stove or hot water.

I love school because I can be with my friends and I can make new friends. They are real blessing to me. My friends always help me when I feel sad and they share their lunch with me when I have nothing to eat.

I like learning about the world and the stages I am going to be in life. The best part about school is learning. I love school.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Why I like school?

Kia ora my name is Keira and this is why I like school. School is my life, school is like my second home. I like school because there are wonderful people and there is a lot of interesting things to learn. Every teacher at school is wonderful.
When i'm at school I feel joy and happiness.
I am very lucky to go school I get milk, fresh fruit and bread to keep me healthy. I learn how to read, work with numbers and write. I learn about milk and how things work. I learn about Jesus and prayer. I learn about dancing, music and sport.
School is the BEST!!

Cross Country

On a hot sunny day it was the finals for Cross-Country so everyone had to run. The first race was for the five year old kids, when the race started they ran so fast. Fiapo ran real fast because she was coming first. 

When it was the kids under seven years turn to run they ran around the school, they finished with one lap around the court. They sped all around the court, while they were running around the kids under 8 years old were getting ready. It was my turn to run.

Everyone was watching us as we were getting ready to run. When it was time to run I ran as fast as I and I was coming first. When Macky caught up to me I slowed down because I knew I couldn't beat him. When we nearly reached the school gates I ran as fast as I could. I went through the school gates and slowed down, I could hear my mum cheering for me and my friends. My mum was yelling "hurry up and run" so I ran faster and faster. I ended up coming first. I was very tired at the end and I was huffing and puffing.
I was very happy that I came first.

My Dad

My dad is very strong but to me he is a big teddy bear because he's soft and cuddly.My father is hard worker and he works until night so we have food. He is very quiet and shy because that is how he is. My dad lives in Sydney Australia to support our family.

Why I like school?

My name is Joseph and today i'm going to explain why I like school. I like school because we have fun trips, fun activities, I have cool friend and lovely teachers.

During school we go church we learn many prayers. We also learn a lot about Jesus. I want to become a priest. 
We have exercise to keep us fit and healthy. We play ripper rugby all the time. We get Milk and Fresh fruit everyday keep us healthy

I get to use Ipads and Netbooks. I like Netbooks because they are cool. Netbooks are like mini computers.

My friends are funny and cool.I have heaps of friends and we play at lunch time 


Why I like school?

Hi my name is falakiko and the reason why I like school is because I have a lot of friends. Viane, Samuel, Mackey, Malakai, Jerome, Opi, Beni, and Laki are all my friends. They are all kind, smart and generous.

Sometimes they get into big trouble and they can be very naughty and go to the peace room. Every morning they say hi to me and we play together. My friends help me with my learning. Every lunchtime we go and play Rugby or Touch. We also play Bullrush and  sometimes we play rough

Why I like school?

My name is Annalisa. I am eight years old and this is why I love school. Firstly it is because of the people, they are really nice and friendly. you can trust them and play with them. When I get muddy or wet they provide me with nice dry clothes.

School is important because you learn how to read and write. I love to learn about God and to follow in his foot steps. I also love learning about math I like to learn about multiplication. I like writing because I can let my imagination go wild and if I dream about stuff I write it down  in  my special book .  My school is called St. Pius X Catholic school. Our school motto is "advance in Faith, Hope and Love". I love school because it also provides me with milk, bread and fresh fruit. It also has a breakfast club for people who forget to have breakfast or can’t afford breakfast at 8 in the morning.

My favorite teacher is Mr. Gaffney and Mr. Slade. Mr. Gaffney helps me with my e-learning and Mr. Slade is a fun and active teacher who likes to play outside. Mr. Gaffney and all the teachers in Saint. Pius x school never gives up on teaching me.

I mostly like the music room because I like to sing and play music. I like making up my own rhythm. I also like the netbooks and the ipads I like to play on the on netbooks and ipads because it is fun.


Why I like school?

I like school because we read and play. Everyday we get a milk carton to drink to make our bones strong and fresh fruit.

School is cool because we get a little lunch and big lunch this is when we get to play with our friends on the playground.
School is also important because we learn and do sports. We like to do cross country and Jump-Jam to keep us healthy and fit.
We also get to use Ipads and Netbooks. Using Ipads and  Netbooks is cool.  

Ambury farm recount

Last Friday we went to Ambury farm. When we got there we had morning tea. When we finished eating we put ours bags in the locker. We firstly went to the shed. In the shed we met Nora, she was one of the workers at the farm.
When we left the shed we went to the milking shed. Inside the milking shed the farmer showed us how to milk a cow. The farmer  squeezed the cow's tit ,and  the milk spilled out into the bucket.
We then went to the shearing shed. The farmer sheared one sheep for us to see. We also got to feed the sheep and chicken. When we finished seeing the farm and having lunch we went back to school.


On Tuesday Mr. Gaffney and Room 3 went to gymnastics. Our gymnastics coaches name was Flaminio. First of all we down and stretched and made shapes with our hands and feet.

Next we got into two groups girls and boys. The boys went on the equipment on the left and the girls went on the equipment on the right. When everyone had a turn on the equipment the groups changed. When we finished with the equipment the two groups had to sit in the middle of the hall.

Flaminio then told us we were going to play a fun game. We had to choose two taggers, if the taggers tagged the people that were running the runner has to stand like a big star fish but to be free a runner has to crawl under the tagged persons legs. I had a lot of fun.

Why I like my school?

Kia ora, Talofa Lava, Bula Vinaka and greetings to you all. Hi, my names is Telesia and I am going to explain why I like my school St Pius X. I like my school because of our motto "advance in faith, hope and love". We have to love one one another and have faith and hope in ourselves. I also like school because we have expensive learning tools like interactive whiteboards, Ipads and Netbooks. School is the best thing for me, because I get to learn about the world. Learning about the world is awesome because I love learning about animals, insects and birds.

My Holiday

In the holidays my aunty, uncle, my mum, my cousin and I went  to the movies. We were going to watch Maleficent.

When enter the Cinema  there were lots of people and i could tell that everyone was excited to watch Maleficent. When we were in the room we started eating the Popcorn.

When all the adds finished the movie began, all of us were happy especially me. I had lots of fun at the movies.

Finally the movie finished and all the food we bought in were also finished.

Favourite Places


This story is about my favourite place in St Pius X school.
My favourite place at St Pius X school is the church. I like the church because it is nice and quiet and it has Jesus on the cross.
The classroom is also one of my favourite places. The classrooms a nice and clean. My favourite classroom is the music room because of all the instruments.  
The playground is another one of my favourite places. The playground is nice and colourful. I like doing the Rock-Climbing because its challenging.
The library is the best place to read a book because there are many books. Mrs Hoggins is the teacher who stays in the library.
The Hall is nice and big. The hall is good a good place to play when it is raining.


Cars - Beni

Kio Ora, Fakalofa lahi atu, Malo lelei, Talofa lava, Kio orana, Ni hao and greetings to you all.

Today I will tell you about cars. Cars are cool because you can build one of your own. In every car there is Intercooler which helps the car cool down. Some cars have a Nos Tank which boosts the car's speed. There are also Spinners which go on top of the rims, this makes your car look cool. If you like drifting there are special types of tyres for drifting. These are my favourite types of cars Pagani Zonda, Pagani Veyron, Lamborghini and Ferrari.



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Manaiakalani Film Festival Good Better Butter

This year we have been learning about milk and the products which are made from milk. This movie features the students of Room 3 making butter. Check out the steps involved in making butter. We hope you enjoy our movie. We love getting feedback, so please leave a comment.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Mrs Pole farewell- Telesia

On Friday we had a whole school mass for Mrs Pole. First of all my class and I lined up with the rest of the school. Everyone went into the church and genuflected before sitting down. Then we invited Father Ioseva to the church with our singing. I was very sad that Mrs Pole was going to leave. I was about to cry because she was retiring. On my card I gave to Mrs Pole it had "I will remember you everyday".

Thursday, August 7, 2014

My Holiday - Katelyn

During my holiday my holiday my Mum, Beni, JT, and I went to the movies. Before the movies My mum and I went to visit my sick aunty at Middlemore Hospital and my Old Grandpa at Aronui Rest home. It was sad seeing them. At 4 o'clock we went to the movies we brought tickets to watch Malificent. We also bought drinks, Ppcorn and Ice-cream to eat when we were watching the movies. When we were inside the Cinema it was really dark. Some parts of Malifcent were really scary. My favourite part of the movie was the end because it was a happy ending. After the movie we went home and Beni and JT slept over.

My Fun Holiday - Katelyn

One Saturday afternoon my aunty picked me up to go movies with my cousin Beni. We went Sylvia Park in Mt Wellington. First we had lunch at the Food Court. I had a meal from Burger King. When we were full we went to the Warehouse. Beni and I went a to the toy section, there were so many toys. When were leaving the Warehouse Beni bought a grey Hot Wheels car. We then went to Pak'n Save to get some snacks to eat when we watch the movies. We got a drink, chips and a chocolate cookie each. We watched the Lego movie. First we had to line up to enter the Cinema room. It was dark when the movie started. I felt excited. I favourite part was near the start of the movie. I had fun that day with my aunty and Beni.

My Soul-friend - Katelyn

My Soul-friend is Lopeti,he is 12 years old. He likes playing Rugby. His favourite fruit is an Apple and he loves eating Pizza. His favourite singer is Chris Brown because he can sing really good and can dance as well. His favourite video game is Call Of Duty , he likes this game because he likes the guns. His favourite teacher is Mr Slade. Lopeti's best friend is Frank. Lopeti is always kind to me. I am lucky to have a Soul-friend like Lopeti.

Good Friend - Katelyn

A good friend to me is someone who is friendly, patient. I can trust my good friends. A good friend is helpful, generous and funny. A good friend shares her/his  things when you have nothing. A good friend is someone who does good things. A good friend also forgives you when you do bad. A good friend is a good reader and writer. A good also likes to go Library. I have a lot good friends at St Pius X school.

My Wonderful Holiday - Katelyn

In the holiday I went to Rotorua with my brother, sister, mum and dad. We drove there in a car. It was a long drive. When we got to Rotorua we had to go get the key for the house we were staying in from the petrol station. Then we to go looked for the house. The next day we went to the Luge. We first had to go to the top on the Gondola. When we got to the top we were given helmets. I got the blue helmet. We had to line up to go on the carts. I had to go with my mum because I wasn't old enough to go by myself. My mum and I went down the slow lane. Heaps of people were going past us. People were getting stuck. When we got to the end of the track we had to go back up on a swing. You had to jump to get on to the swing. My mum was scared because the swing was too high. When we got to the top we went back. This time we went a little bit faster then the last time, it was fun! When we went back to the top again we went to the Jelly bean store. I saw a picture of Harry Potter made out of Jelly beans. After the Luge we went to watch a Space Movie. After the movie went had Ice-cream, then we went home.

Friday, August 1, 2014

Good friend - Samuel

Good friends is about caring, being kind, and helpful to a  special person. You need to be polite to them, be happy and do funny things with them. Be Joyful and gentle to them because they are amazing . Play with them and share your lunch with them. Be understanding with them. My best friend is Viane.

Basketball - Samuel

Basketball is my favourite sport. Basketball makes us fit, because we run, shoot hoops, pivot, jump stops and many other exercises. My favourite Basketball player is Michael Jordan, I like him because he was very good at shooting hoops. I play Basket ball with my brothers at the Manukau Burger King. I win all the time. At school we learn to play Basketball, we play "Follow the Leader" who ever double dribble loses and has to sit down. We also learn we tricks like the behind the back pass, catching the ball and dribbling real fast. Basketball is fun.

Milk Presentation - Keira

This presentation is about Milk. The presentation is about how grass changes to milk and why milk is good for us. 

Milk Presentation - Malakai

This representation is about Milk from Malakai.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Vanessa and Moana - Milk Presentation

Our presentation is about where dose milk come from and where dose it come from and how is it tested. we drink milk because it gives us protein, calcium, carbohydrates and lactose, nutrients, potassium, vitamins A, B, and D.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My Wonderful Holiday - Moana

In the holiday I went to Rainbows End. We went there on my Uncles bus. I went with my mum, nana, two sisters and my friend. 

There were so many rides at Rainbows End. The first ride that I went on was the "Pirate Ship". Next ride we went on was the "Fearfall" it was scary.

The last ride we went on was the bumper boats. My friend and I kept on bumping into each other.

After Rainbows End we went home. On our way home my mum said that we could have McDonald's at the beach. My nana didn't want to come to the beach because she was tired after Rainbows End.

When we got to the beach we ate and made sandcastles. It was fun

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gymnastics - Moana

On a beautiful Tuesday morning my friends and I were buzzing with excitement. We were excited because we were gonna be learning Gymnastics. 

After morning tea we had five minutes to get changed into our P.E clothes. After getting our P.E clothes on we were off to the Saint Pius hall. 

First we met our new coach, Mr Flaminio. Mr Flaminio sounds Italian but he is Brazilian. He is a nice coach but he wasn't happy with  our behavior, too many of the students in room 3 were not listening to his instructions. When everyone started listening, Mr Flaminio got us to get into groups. When we were in groups we had to stand in a line from tallest to shortest.

In our groups we had to go to exercise stations. In the first station we had to roll onto our back, get up and hop side to side. The second station had a plank. We had to walk on the plank, it was fun. When we swapped stations we got muddled up in our groups, we were bumping into each other. Bumping into each other hurt but it was funny.

When we finished all the stations we were tired. Before we left we thanked Mr Flaminio for teaching us new skills. I like Gymnastics because it helps keep me fit.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Ripper Rugby - Laki

On Wednesday afternoon we played Ripper Rugby. Sam , Jerome, Alilia, Sia and I played Ripper Rugby. We played against Stone Field Primary School. Viane, Samuela and I got two tries each. Later on the coach told us to sit down because there were too many people playing .

Monday, July 14, 2014

Holiday - Laki

On Saturday I went to the park with my mum, dad and two brothers, we played rugby. My little brothers and I were a team and my older brother was another team. When my little brother got a try I had to kick the conversion, I got it in. My big brother got 5 tries and my little brother and I also got 5 tries, so it was a tie. When we finished playing rugby we ate Chicken and Chips. When we finished eating we had a race and after the race we went home. At home my mum washed our clothes. When mum finished washing our clothes we watched TV. After we finished watching TV, my brothers and I went for a shower. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

My Soulfriend- Olidah

My Soulfriend's name is Christian he is in Room 7 and he is 12 years old and he is Samoan. He likes eating Pizza and Bananas. His favourite drink is Lift Plus. His favourite movie is 8 mile he likes this movie because his favourite singer Eminem acts in it. His favourite sport is Basketball. He likes Maths because he is good at it. His favourite cartoon is SpongeBob, he likes it because it is really funny. His favourite teacher is Mr Gaffney and his best friend is Ezra.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

My Wonderful Holiday - Olidah

One afternoon during the holiday I went to Rainbow's End. It was my mum's birthday. First of all we had to get the lunch ready. We had to cook the meat on the Barbeque. We also had a cake. My mum's cake was chocolate with pink Icing. After we ate it was time to go on the rides. First of all I went to the Log Ride. I had to go with my brother so that he could look after me. When I hopped in side the log it started to move, I was very excited. When we were near the end we went really fast it was like  going down a Waterfall. When we were done with the rides we went back to eat the food with my cousins. My favourite food that night was the chicken. My mum was really lucky because she had two cakes, one from my dad and one from my cousin. After eating we had to pack our stuff and go home. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

February - Macky

I like my teacher because he is kind, big, strong, handsome and he has cool spectacles. He gives us lollypops, chocolate/fruit buns and these little stone things when we're good.
One Day my teacher gave Alan and I chocolate buns. When school was done I said bye to my friend and teacher.

In the car ride to my brothers practice, I ate my chocolate bun and it was nice.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Good Friend - Macky

Good Friend 

Good friends share their things with each other. A good friend is funny and kind at the same time. A good friend is cool, fun and polite. A good friend is strong and brave so that when the mean people come they can tell them to leave us alone. My good friend is Samuel. He is in my class and hangs around with me everyday. Samuel and I go to the same church.  

Monday, July 7, 2014

My Wonderful Holiday - Malakai

My Wonderful Holiday

In the holidays I went to Mission Bay. I went at 8 o'clock in the morning. When got there our church group was there. I went to the park. I went and swam with my friend. He asked his mum if he could swim and she said "yes". So we ran to swim. I was about to drown, but lucky my friend pulled me up. After that we went and ate our lunch. Then my Aunty bought chicken and chips and we ate it. Then we went back home and slept.

Friday, July 4, 2014

A Good Friend - Fiapo

Good Friend

A good friend is helping, they always help you when you need help. Good friends are happy. A good friend shares their lunch and lends things to you. Friends are always kind and caring to you. Good friends have the Holy Spirit in them because they believe in God and try to be kind, loving and forgiving. Good friends are patient. Good friends are brave because they will stand up for you. My good friends are Joseph, Aaliyah, Keira, Olidah and Moana.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Basketball - Fiapo


Basketball is my favourite sport because I like dribbling the ball. In Basketball you need to run a lot. I like running up and down the Basketball court because it keeps me fit, healthy and strong. I love Basketball because the coach teaches me a lot of new things.

Another thing I like about Basketball is shooting the ball into the Basketball hoop. Basketball is the first ever sport I have liked. I hope to be a good Basketball player when I grow up.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

My Wonderful Holiday - Fiapo

My Wonderful Holiday

In the holidays my cousin, my mum and I went to the shops. We bought Carrots, Chocolate, Milk and Mangoes. After going to the shops we had to walk to Pak'n Save. We had to walk because my mums car was broken. When we got to Pak'n Save we caught a Taxi to Rainbow's End. My cousin and I went on most of the rides. My favourite ride was the Bumper Cars. When we had enough of the rides we had to go home. We caught a Taxi. I fell asleep in the Taxi. When I woke up I was at my friends house. That morning we had breakfast then we caught a ride with my friend back to my house.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

My Wonderful Holiday - Jerome

In the afternoon my mum and I caught the bus to Sylvia Park in Mt Wellington. We went to Sylvia Park to shop and to have fun. First we went to McDonalds. At McDonalds I ate a Happy Meal it had a burger, chips and a drink. It was nice.

After we ate we went to the Warehouse. I was excited because my mum told me before that she was going to buy me new clothes. My mum bought me t-shirts, jumpers, pants, shoes and socks. I was very happy.When I got home I enjoyed wearing my new clothes.

Monday, June 30, 2014

A Good Friend- Jerome

What is a good friend?

A good friend says kind and nice words to you to make you happy. A good friend never punches you, kicks you, or pokes the fingers at you. A good friend always tries not to be mean. I am always happy with my friends. Good friends share with each other and play respectfully with each other. My best friend is Mackey.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Joseph Gymnastics

On Tuesday my class and I went to learn some Gymnastics. Our teacher was Flaminio. He is from Brazil but he sounds Italian

In the first week we were told to divide the class into two groups. I was in group 2. We went to circuit number 2. In circuit number 2 there was a lot of exercises to do. We did all the exercises then we had to go back to class.

In the next week we played "Stuck in the Mud". There were two taggers and they had to try to tag the whole class. Who ever was tagged had to stand still until they were tagged again by another person in their team. After playing "Stuck in the Mud" we started exercising we did the 1 shape, Pike shape and Diamond shape.

Thank you Flaminio for teaching us Gymnastics

Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Holiday - Mikaela

My Exciting Holiday

On my holiday my two aunties, mum and I went to Kohimarama Beach.

When we arrived at the beach it was very hot so  all we had a splash in the water. When we felt we had enough of swimming we went and built sandcastles. It was fun. My two aunties called Maryann and Raymona picked up lots of seashells to add to the sandcastles we made. Also I thought in my mind that there was a hundred seashells in my purple bucket.

Last of all we did cartwheels lots of times on the sand. First my aunty Maryann did a cartwheel, then my older aunty Raymona and I did the same.

We had a wonderful time at the beach and I hope we go again in the next holiday

             By Mikaela

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I am Viane

I am Viane 


I wonder if I could be kind to people
I hear birds singing sweetly to me
I see people enjoying themselves swimming in the beach
I want happiness and no bullying
I am clever and fast
I pretend to fly with my friend Samuel
I feel happy coming to me
I touch Jesus in my heart
I am worried because I might get into trouble
I cried when my mum died
I am clever and fast
I understand that God tells what to do

I say I love you Mum
I dream to be a superhero
I try to do my best and ignore my friends
I hope to get a good report
I am clever and fast

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Alex's Soul Friend

My Soul friend is 12 years old, she is kind and her favourite book to read is "The Wizard Of Oz". My Soul friend's name is Lose.

Her favourite sport is Netball. She loves Netball because she is good at getting the ball in the hoop. Lose's favourite movie is "White Chicks" she likes this movie because it is very funny. Her favourite singer is Bruno Mars'. Lose likes crunchy, juicy watermelons and she always has mango are drink.

Lose's best friend is Deja. Deja and Lose have gone to the same school since kindergarten and they both go to the same primary.



Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I am Vanessa

I am a strong girl and I run very fast
I wonder if the doctor that delivered me is still alive
I hear sweet lovely music outside in the garden
I want to visit Japan

I am a strong girl and I run very fast
I pretend to play the piano
I feel I can be a grumpy witch
I worry about my sick sister
I cry when my sister leaves home
I am a strong girl and I run very fast

I understand that I need to study hard
I say that my family is kind to me
I dream of being a travelling author
I hope to have a good future
I am a string girl and I run very fast

I am Maris-Stella

I am clever

I wonder if I going to go heaven or not

I hear strange noises around me
I see a ghost
I want an Iphone
I am clever and wonderful

I pretend I have banana wings
I feel God in my heart
I touched an Ipad
I worry about my brother being lost
I cry when I'm afraid
I am clever and wonderful

I understand God's word
I say God's prayers
I dream of being in Heaven with Melefusi Fisiihoi
I try my best at school
I hope I find my pencil case
I am clever and wonderful

I am Keira

I am a joyful little skinny girl.
I wonder if I can do the splits.
I hear God saying "Never give up"
I see everyone enjoying themselves
I want to make the world a better place
I am a joyful little skinny girl

I pretend I am a Star
I feel Jesus touching me
I touch the rainbow
I worry that the world is going to end
I cry because people bully me
I am a joyful skinny little girl

I understand things I know
I say God bless all people
I dream I can swim in the sea
I try my best at everything
I hope Jesus will never be forgotten
I am a joyful skinny little girl