Monday, November 14, 2016

Etuale's Olympic Writing

Italy 1892 02 August

The Big Ben clock with The Gold medal
These are the people that are going to London.
Kando, Bhutto, Shane, McMahon, Forna, Shorn, Fan, Pan and Kando. Bhutto was going to London for the Olympics, today he was participating in the running for the Olympics. Shane, Mcmahon, Forna, Shorn and Fan. Pan was the people who’s gonna watch the olympics in 1892 we drove past and looked at the Big Ben.  

At the Olympics, but the Big Ben broke because of the
Workers did something wrong. But the clock just stopped working because Kando. Bhutto was just looking at the gold medal but the workers started to do a big splash but I didn't know what was the splash  was super big. That the gold medal dropped in the clock machine of Big Ben. So the workers pulled the gold medal out and Big Ben started working. Then everyone started to clap and shouted ‘hooray!’ So that's when the olympics started here on 1892 02 August.

Sunday, November 13, 2016


On Tuesday Room 3 had their basketball lesson.They were very excited to have their basketball lesson.
Our coach named was Malek. He told us to go and grab a ball, the basketballs were pink and black. All the girls got a pink ball but one boy got a pink ball it was Diego when we all got our ball, our coach Malek told us to line up on the yellow line to start our basketball lesson.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Water park -Silia's Narrative Writing

One day my family and I went to Dreamworld. First we went to buy some KFC. When we got to Dreamworld, it wasn’t open because four people had died in a boat.
They died because the boat flipped over and hit the. So after that we went back to KFC and ate our bucket of chicken.

After we went to KFC we went back to the park, we had fun when we were at the park. At the park we were playing tag and hide and seek.

Later on my brother and I were hungry. So we asked our dad and he checked the bucket and luckily there were more chicken left over.

Later on we went back home and had a shower. After our shower, we watched television.

Christpoher's Olympic Narrative

On the  1st of July I went to Brazil. I went to Rio De Janeiro so I can go join the olympics.

At the stadium “I saw a lot of people” they were “cheering” already. The stadium was humongous.

I went to the place where you write what you compete it is called check in. I said “I want to compete in the 1000m run.” But I didn’t know what to do?

I said “I am representing Tonga. I was representing Tonga because they haven’t got a medal.”

Everyone was cheering loud because they saw Usain Bolt. I said “I cannot compete with Usain Bolt he is too quick.”

Then out of nowhere when I was practising my coach shot me with a bow and arrow and destroyed my Iphone 7. So I couldn’t call the ambulance.
The ambulance had to come from the hospital because there was blood dripping. But there was an ambulance near by so they came and helped their favourite athlete.

Then there was lighting so it was canceled and I was all better so I went and got my gold medal. But then the next day I competed for the 1000m sprint. I was versusing Opeti, Palu and Diego. I could not beat Opeti, but I can get in a tie with Palu, but I can beat Diego.

My manager shot me and there was thunder so it canceled for tomorrow. I was all better and I had a tie with Opeti. So Opeti and I came first and Palu was second and Diego was third.

Olympic Narrative!

Olympics Narrative

On 29 of August I was at the 2016                                                                        Olympic Games. It was my turn to sprint in the 100m race I was  versing 6 people. I come from the country called New Zealand and the other people that I was competing was the Tongans,USA, RSA, Mexico, Brazil and Great Britain.

When the sprinters were changing for  100m sprint they had to run around the course five times, then they have to cross the finish line. When the sprinters came out to sprint the 100m run there were lots of audience cheering for their own country.

It was time to sprint. The starter had to shoot the gun which meant that the runners had to run he Shouted "ready,set...Go" we ran fast as cheetah. Diego cheated, he was cheating by lying that he broke his left leg. So paramedics came and took him to the hospital Rio has ever had. I came 1st,Christopher came 2nd,and Diego came 3rd. We won our medals.

After that people went back to their homes to have a rest and everyone was happy.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Cook Island Day in Room 3

Kia Orana Everyone! It's Cook Islands language week and we are wearing the ei katu in the classroom.  Meitaki.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Marae trip

On Tuesday we went on a special as trip to the marae. It was special because the Maori pray,they sing,and they respect God.The trip was special because it is a very very holy place.

Most the of men sat in the front. They did the hongi and Anna-lei did it too.Then we sang “He Honore”  and  “He Kororia.”After that we sang a virtue song in Maori. Mr Coakley said tena koe,tena koe,tena koe kato.

After that we had morning tea then we went outside and played.Then we went in to groups I was with my soul friend George.

After that we went into groups of two I was in Matua Jim’s group.He sang “head shoulders knees and toes and the rest of our body parts”.
Then he sang “Ola lehliu” and he was mocking john key.Then we made flowers out of flax.

we bended one side then we made one on that side then we bend under one side then repeat it then repeat it again 5 times.

After that we went to have our lunch we sat down we all got our lunch I got fruit from Mister Gaffney.Thomas wanted to get some water. He asked Mister Gaffney we had our karakia before we ate.

After we ate our lunch we went outside.We played it was Opeti, Akesa, Dianne, Solomone, Kalisi, Aria, Silia, and I.Then Mrs tui said go in the wharenui so we can say our karakia and leave goodbye.

We said goodbye we left to put on our shoes. I went in the place we eat our food the wharekai.So I can get my flower made out of  flax.after that we went and walk back to school saftely.

When we made it back to school we wrote about it the End.

Monday, July 11, 2016

Cathedral Visit

On Friday the whole school went to the Cathedral on the bus. The whole school went after morning tea we went back to our classes and we had to wait for the bell to ring.Then the bell rang and everyone lined up but my class lined up inside.Then my class went outside and we were already in our line.We were the last one to get out of our class.The other classes were already at the front but at the back of the gate.After that we walked down to the bus, there was two buses Room 7 and Room 1 went in the last bus and Room 4,Room 3 and Room 5 went in the first bus.Then the bus started and we went . The first bus was noisy and people were singing.We got close to the Cathedral and the buses stopped. The whole school had to walk because we were already close to the Cathedral.When we got to the Cathedral the school was noisy because people were playing and talking.When Room 7 were singing a car came and horned at them but Room 7 was still singing.When the car was gone some of us were singing too.


On Tuesday room 3 went to the hall because there was soccer we had to line up outside.When we got in the hall coach Danny told us to sit down.And he was still setting up he putted 6 cones on some of the sides.He said if you get tagged from the tagger you are  out and if you get passed every single one you are the winner.Before we played he chose three taggers the first tagger was Akesa the second tagger was Alfred and the last tagger was Malia and he said when you are finished touch the wall.The tagger can not go back words or front words only side to side.After that we started to play coach Dann said go and we all ran I went pass Akesa I had to get pass Alfred I got passed him so then I had to go pass Malia. After I got passed Malia we had to do a second round so then we did second round the second round I got tagged from Alfred. I loved playing soccer.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Room 3 book week

Room three had fun dressing up as their favourite book characters.

My Long Weekend

During the long weekend my aunt came to sleepover at my home . I was playing card’s with her. She wins every time  because she is good at playing cards .My mum told me to vacuum and she will give my aunt her phone .So i got the vacuum out and started to vacuum. After I  vacuumed she said to get the bed out so i went and got the bed out. When i got the bed out then she gave her phone to me. I was playing my car game it was cool. My mum was talking with my aunt. My aunt brought me some puddling . It was caramel it was yummy . My mum asked my aunt if she wanted  to watch TV. I said can we watch a movie. She said yes, go and get your dad and your brothers. I said they are asleep. OK let’s watch a movie. I picked Jurassic world. I liked it because it was full of dinosaurs. I liked the end because the T-Rex became the king of the forest. After the movie we played Last Card my mum won because she is good at the game.Then we played speed. My aunt won because she is fast.Then we played match. I am good at that game.Then we had a Milo with Tim Tam’s.Then we went to McDonald's. It was yummy and played on the playground . Then we went  home. That was the best day ever.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ripper Rugby

On Tuesday we went to the hall for ripper rugby.Our coach was hamish. Hamish told us if only three boys could come up.Then Hamish told us our groups to go to.

After Hamish told us to go to our groups we got a ball each but Hamish gave it to the leaders in each group. When he told us our groups he told us to run with the ball all the way to the first cone but some of the room 3 kids ran to the last cone. After that part he told us to run and throw the rugby ball in the air and then catch it and keep on running and do the same thing.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Famiy Trip to Samoa

On Thursday I woke up and I was excited because I was  going too Samoa. I brushed my teeth and washed my face then I put gel in my hair and cream on my face. Then I got changed to  go to  the airport.

My little  niece Lyka came because she's going samoa too. Then lykas mum was talking with my big brother.
Lyka’s mum’s name is Victoria. Victoria and Lyka had to  go home and get ready to  go Samoa too.

When everyone was ready we waited for my dad to come. He arrived late and my mum said after we finished packing our clothes we can have McDonald’s at the airport.

Before we left too the airport we  drove my brother to get a Go-pro video camera from his friend. There was one movie on the camera called The Australia Movie. My brother told me that he was gonna make a video named Family Samoa Trip.

When we got to  the airport we were late because of my dad.  We had McDonald’s and KFC. I only had spicy chicken and and i didn't even have the normal chicken.

When we finished eating  we went to security check your bags. It was super boring and my big brother was also bored. When we finished checking our bags we waited in the waiting room to get into  the plane.

A man spoke through the speaker and he said gate 8 to Apia, Samoa is now open. We were finally going into the plane.  My brother told me to take your hats off when you are with that man scanning your ticket. We walked down and we saw a man, he asked me if I was excited then I said yes I am excited this is my first time going on a plane and going to samoa.

Our seat was number 26 we walked past the front seats because we were going to the back. We later found our seat .
So we sat down and we took a video on the gopro we were lip syncing and when we were finished we just waited.

It was just 2 hours we waited and the speaker said we will start our flight now so turn on your cell phones to airplane mode so we can have power and do not put on mobile data that will cause trouble then we did all of the rules so we moved backwards in the plane so my dad said take a video because you are next to the window so take a video the engine was going louder and louder and I was excited then we went 2000 meters up and it was scary but I saw a big traffic and when I came back my mum said she was in the traffic but the story didn't end so my brother his name is jerome timu. He was playing minecraft and he made a big machine that when it's night the big hall way turns on and when it day it's off.

Then the speaker turned on and it said you may put your seatbelts off but I didn't heard so I was talking all the way when I saw the sun it was half way down. I told my dad can I play on your phone and he said no and I said but it doesn't need internet and stall no and I told jerome then he said dad give it. It doesn't need internet so he said where. then jerome did all the work and my dad gave me the phone because I wanted to play Minecraft and it has mods in it there is rain diamond mod,lucky block mod,pokemon mod, then I did all of the mods.

I looked at my window and I saw the sun nearly going down I stared at the sun and it was moving down and I told jerome and my dad and also my brother was in the plane. It was cool that's my first time seeing the sun moving down. I was playing and playing then I had to go toilet then jerome wanted to go toilet so we had to go at the back. I went I went in first then the toilet was small the sink was very close to the toilet so I just had the number 1 I was finish I went out then I went in my spot I waited then jerome said ohh can I sit next to the window and I said yes so we swapped seats so I played on his tablet and he played on my dads phone.

I looked at the window and it was night it was all black then I only saw a red light it was beeping like in 4 or 5 seconds. I saw in Minecraft his light hall machine then i did a new world I built a house with wooden planks then I pranked jerome I said ohh look samoa I see a little part of samoa then said where in a big fright then i said there there. Then I said I was just joking then I was laughing loud then jerome said ehha then I said shame you just got pranked hahahahahaha. Then I started playing on his tablet then jerome said nah no tablet then i said yeah i don't care because you gave me the phone haha shame and dads phone is 50 present and your one is 30 haha. Shame on you. So i have more then when I said haha. Then he said I want my spot back then I said yes so I went and I sat on my normal spot.

I saw a yellow light then it was samoa and also I ate doritos and coke. We were at samoa then the speaker said tight your seat belts and lean back so we did it and the plane went down and when it land it bounce and my head and jerome's head on the roof then I saw a big building we landed.

We got out I thought samoa was this hot but it's warm benjamin said and my dad we walked to the ticket lady to scan our tickets after that we went somewhere to change jerome's money because his mum gave him 200$ because she was crying and jerome was a little crying we all changed all our money and went where all the people was waiting so we walked out and there was like over a 100 people there then we walked through the people and I saw my uncle pio he had a huge beard last time when he came to new zealand he had a short beard.

I hugged him very hard that I missed him and longo and uncle sonny was there he said hi boy then I said hi uncle we waited until I nearly got bored then nana eva came so my dad and uncle pio carried nana eva to the front but not the front front I meant back front. Then uncle sonny said who wants to sit next to nana eva then I said me so we packed and went then uncle paid the airport man then we drove off we saw villages pigs and turtle pond.
Then we saw dogs and shops. When we arrived there we saw a cool hotel but the rest family stayed at another hotel so they didn't have a pool we had a pool. So we just got changed but my dad left my bag over to the  airport and I didn't even know because I was to busy play on the bed because we had our own bed next to each other and my brother had his bed at the far end so we just played and took a video so my dad said oh we're gonna go too pio’s for a visit we went by taxi when we arrived there the  dogs were  barking then  uncle pio said get away then I came inside I saw a lady and she said hi Etuale and that was aunty louise she was uncle pio’s wife.

She gave me supa sue. I said jerome come eat. Then he said nah and I said ok suit yourself then I ate  my aunty sape gave me cooked fish then jerome said oh can I have some then I said then why didn't you. Jerome said but can I have some then I ohhhhh fine. So we ate the fish. Then aunty sape ate some when jerome was full on the fish so we ate then we were finished. then a baby was crying but he was so cute. He met me then I said too uncle pio we got you something that you like uncle and baby pio.

We stayed at uncle pios for one hour so we left and we went in uncle pios car but it was big so we went at the back we didn't need to put our seatbelts on. When uncle pio was driving I said to benjamin ay we saw sticky tv then benjamin said yes because jerome won't believe me so I said see. you are wrong.

When we arrived to the hotel we were exhausted we went in our room to go in our bed  my dad went for a smoke outside. So benjamin took a video and did this he said to us pretend we were partying.

Friday, June 17, 2016


Room 3 learnt a pepeha from Whaea Jeanny.  Rosephine and Dereon did a pepeha.

Rosephine from Ana on Vimeo.
Dereon from Ana on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Three children from Room 3 shared their experience at the marae.

Silia, Lilly and Christopher

Maori Song

On Tuesday 14 June, St. Pius X Catholic School went to Rupotoka Marae.  We all walked there. We learnt a new song from kaumatua Jim .  We came back to Room 3 and sang the song.

IMG_0768 from Ana on Vimeo.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Mother's Day Letter

Today i want to tell you that you are the best mum I’ve ever seen you are a beautiful lady.I also want to tell you that i love you because you always take me where i like to go. I really love you and will always love you.
I want to thank you for taking me places and buying me
wonderful clothes and for buying me delicious food. Thank you for buying me shoes.
I really enjoy the times when we always went to red rat and when we went on trains. I also really enjoyed that day on my birthday. I really enjoyed it on the twins birthday as well.
I would like to travel around the world with you and take you where you would  like to go. I would also like to take you to get a new car.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Mother's Day Letter

Dear mum today I want to tell you that I love with all my life you are the best. I want to thank you for making me lunch every day and taking me home after school. Thank you for helping me to get smarter. Thank you for taking me school everyday. I really enjoy how you look after me and give me nice food. Thank you for making me strong. I would like to listen to you and look after you when you are sick.

Mother's Day Letter

Dear Mum I want  to tell you how much I love you because you are always loving kind and funny and that’s why I love you Mum.
I want to thank you for taking me to the town pools and buying me clothes and shoes.
I really enjoy the movies.When I watch the movie you fall asleep and  wake you up. Those were good times.
I would like to  visit you when I grow up if you live somewhere else.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mother's Day Letter

Dear Mum today I want to tell you that you are the best mum. Thank you for looking after Asipeli and I. Thank you for doing our clothes.  I love you so much.
I want to   thank you for doing the cleaning. I will never stop loving you. Thank you for taking Asipeli and I to school. Thank you for cleaning my bed. Thank you for looking after me when I was a baby. Thank you for taking care of me. Thank you for taking me to church. Thank you for feeding me when I was a baby.
I really enjoy going to the Fia Fia night with you. Thank you for buying me new shoes. Thank you for helping me with my homework.
I would like to say you are the best mum in the whole wide world. You are so lovely mum. You are so kind. Thank you for letting me use your phone.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mother's Day Letter

Today I want to tell you how much I love you. I love you very much mum. Mum you are so special to me. You are an angel to me.
I want to thank you for looking after me and for ironing my clothes and for buying me lunch. You are the best mum in the whole wide world . Thank you for buying me new shoes and for buying me new jacket’s.
I really enjoy going to places with you ,you are very beautiful like an angel. Mum you are my treasure . I want to make bracelets and to celebrate your birthday so it can be your best day.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Mother's Day

On Sunday we went to mass to celebrate Mother’s Day. After church we went home and my dad and I started to cook the food. We made Tongan food. My mum was went to stay at my aunt's  house. My big brother bought a card and flowers for her hair. When the food was ready my dad and I went to pick my mum up. when we got home my mum was surprised that we cooked food. We then did a prayer and started eating. After we ate we brought out two big cakes that said happy "Mother’s Day" I got a cookie and cream cream cake. We all ate and told some jokes and we laughed.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

My Wonderful Holiday

On Tuesday my family went to Sylvia Park to watch a movie it was called Inside Out. My mum and I went to buy the snacks. We all wanted popcorn, frozen coke and lollies. After buying the food we went to the waiting area. We had to wait for the other movies to finish first. When the other movie finished we went in to the cinema. The movie was about the little people inside a little girl's head. The little people control her body. I fell asleep during the movie. When the movie was finished we went home. When I got home I went straight to bed.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mother's Day

Mother's Day

On  Sunday it  was  Mother's day.  For Mother's day we  eat  a  pig  and  takeaway  and  all  kind  of   Tongan  food.  After eating  we   went  to  play  on  the  park  and to  play  touch  on  the  field.   I  scored   ten  goals    then  we  had  to  go  inside  the  house.  We  had  to  watch  t.v  and  wait  for the  food   and  everyone  went  back  home to get ready for   school

Friday, April 15, 2016

Room 3's Introduction to Netbooks

Patience: This is a netbook, It is a 1 to 1 device we will be using in Room 3
Etuale: They are a tool to help us to learn more independently.
Opeti: Most of the year 4 students use netbooks. The other students use the desktop computers.
Sateki: We log in to our Google Drive using our own personal username
Zahara: Our class, room three, uses the same password.
Palu: Yes. Each student has their own personal email address.
Charis: We log onto our class site and room 3’s class site.
H is a site on the network where we can see our learning and what we need to doing room 3?
Lili: We click on the learning group we are in eg. Sharks Dolphins, Penguins, Seals. Our learning and instructions are there for us to read and follow.
10.                     DOES THIS TAKE LONG?
Palu: only in the beginning while we are still learning. We are now learning to bookmark our sites, so we can access them quickly.
Gabriel: No. we are using the netbooks now for some reading and writing. When we get better, we will use them for more learning.
Opeti: We can read stories on Readtheory and complete the activities which follow.
Charis: We are learning to type our writing on to the netbooks instead of writing in our books.
Akesa: We give all our learning a different title we create documents for each different learning work, and writing.
Diane: We place different subjects in separate folders finally.
16.                     WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT NETBOOKS?
Diego: In the beginning they are challenging but I think they are a fantastic tool to help learning.

Thank you room 3 and enjoy your learning on this great journey.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


When I went to Gymnastics in the hall we sat down. Then we did warm-ups. Then Gerin showed us what to do. Then Gerin put us in to groups. I was in group 2. My team was Iverson, Malia, Sateki, Solomone and me. First we did Bunny-hops then we did stretches then we Cartwheels. Later we held the floor and put our on the table and crawled to the other side. Then we jumped on the blue mats to green mat. Soon we started from the beginning. We also did flips and Cartwheels. We also did skipping with ropes. We did lots of Gymnastics and I loved it I can do it forever.

Monday, April 11, 2016

My Long Weekend

On Easter Sunday we camped at this place when I woke up all I see is everyone walking around.Then we had to go home and change. So we can go Church.we were white and black clothes to Church. When we got there everyone was inside singing.

We had to stand up and sing Tongan songs.The first song was easy to sing. But the other songs were a little hard to sing because it had a lot of words. Then everyone in our Church went to one side. We all had to sing the song that we chose.

When Church finished we all went in groups. I was in group 3 some other people came in group 3.After that we had to chose a song we all knew.Once we all chose a song we had to tell the person the leader our song.When we finished telling her we went to go to our cousins house.

When we got there we saw everyone in our group.My Cousin and Me were going to go inside there house.But Malakai said come back you guys.So we had to go back to them.When my Uncle said we go we had to go then he said we will go now.

So we went inside and said when we got inside we saw his lovely house it had computer chairs,couch,pillows,pictures,windows. Next our Aunty ask us if we were thirsty most said yes thank you some said no thank you we sang a in tongan.

When it was finish some of us got apples.My Cousin and my Sister wanted my apple. We all had to share our apple’s.My Cousin said let’s go burger King to get 8 icecreams with his own money.We were all happy   Hola planed to say thank you when all get our ice cream or when she says 1 2 3.But we said it when we got our ice cream.When we got back we had a feast we had pizza,chop siui,.Then we left on Easter Monday.  

Friday, April 8, 2016

My Weekend

On Sunday it was my birthday but my aunt and uncle took me out on Thursday because they were too busy on Sunday. I had so much fun with my uncle and aunt. They took me to the movies. I had popcorn and snacks at the movies. I also got my ear pierce too, it didn't hurt. After that I had McDonald's and then went home. I enjoyed going out with my aunt and uncle.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rotary Club Letter

Recently in room 3, our year 4's received new dictionaries from the St John's Rotary Club. This is my thank you letter.

Dear Mrs Mann
                          thank you for the awesome new dictionary. I love learning new words in the from the dictionary you gave me. I am so excited to find interesting words and learning how to spell them out in my head. Once again thank you St John's Rotary Club.
Love Charis

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


One day my family and I had a Easter hunt. They hid the Easter eggs and my dad, my mum, my brother and I had to find them. I found one Easter egg in my bedroom. I found another Easter egg outside. I also found two eggs in the garage, one in the car and one by the rubbish bin. My little brother found four eggs, my mum found three eggs and my dad found six eggs. My mum also surprised me with another Easter egg. Later on I ate all my Easter eggs, it was cool. That was the best Easter egg hunt ever :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Rotary Club letter

Recently in room 3, our year 4's received new dictionaries from the St John's Rotary Club. This is my thank you letter.

Dear Mrs Mann
                           Thank you for the magnificent dictionary. Thank you for using your money for us. Thank you for my wonderful dictionary. I like using it because I want to learn meanings of different words. I will treasure this dictionary forever.
Love from Lily

Friday, April 1, 2016


Every Tuesday we always have Gymnastics, so we can get fit and healthy.
We have a coach his name us Jerron. He also has a helper and her name is Kate. They are both from America.
Firstly we started to do shapes. We did L shape, The Straddle shape and lots of other shapes.
Secondly, Jerron showed us how to do the obstacles. He showed us the Bunny hops, Handstand and the Cartwheels.
The people that were in my team were Silia, Akesa, Thomas, Dianne, Kalise and Christopher. I loved doing the handstands and the skipping ropes. But I had a problem, I had an argument with malia. I didn't mean to make her cry. But I said sorry so she forgave me and she said sorry too.
Lastly Jerron showed us a cool trick with the hoops. He rolled the hoop to the wall then it rolled back to him.
When Gymnastics was finished we went back to class and we did prayer time.

Thursday, March 31, 2016


I like Gymnastics because you're exercising. The coach was Jerron. He teaches us and we a good to him. He is good at Gymnastics. We do Handstands and all of that stuff. The first time we walked in the hall nicely. He got us in to groups of 3. We did Bunny Hops, Forwards rolls and Backward rolls. Then we swapped. After that we went back to class. Jerron told us to stretch out and we put our legs together and tried to touch our toes.

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rotary Club Letter

Recently in room 3, our year 4's received new dictionaries from the St John's Rotary Club. This is my thank you letter.

 Dear Mrs Mann
                           Thank you for the beautiful dictionary that you presented to me. I like the meanings in the dictionary. I also love to know all the meanings of new words. I am surprised  and amazed at this wonderful dictionary. I will always look after it.
Love by Christoper, Thanks you

Tuesday, March 29, 2016


On Tuesday morning it was a sunny day. I went with my class to Gymnastics.
The first thing I did was skipping. It was fun because I was skipping and singing the alphabet. I went on all the obstacles.
My favorite obstacle was skipping and cone jumping . I liked cone jumping because I can hop side to side and up and down.
My class and I had a lot of fun. I enjoyed Gymnastics.
We had to warm up before starting. We played Band-aid Tiggy. I had fun and my friends had fun as well. Most of the boys enjoyed it too.
Our Coach's name is Jerron he is American he is always funny. Jerron said he had a lot of fun as well. Jerron told us he enjoyed having us every Tuesday.  

Monday, March 28, 2016


Room 3 and I lined up in two lines at 9.45 in the morning. We were getting ready to go to the hall to do Gymnastics.
We started by playing Tiggy. After playing Tiggy we started Gymnastics.
First we learnt how to go through the obstacles. We had to do Hula-Hoop Skips, Cart-Wheels, Handstands and Backward Crawls. Gymnastics was fun and I was getting tired.
Later I had to learn how to use the skipping rope, it was hard. I learnt how to skip later on. After skipping the coach asked us to stop the obstacles. The obstacles were so fun. We then said thank you to the coach for teaching us then we lined up in two lines and went back to class.

Friday, March 25, 2016

St Patrick's Day

On St Patrick's Day we had Shamrocks and a soul friend.
We went into church and we saw lovely Father and lots of adults and some babies. We then sat down on a chair next to our soul friend and we promised our soul friend  some stuff but Father had to say the stuff we promised to do.
Later we sang a St Patrick's song and father said it is a feast and that when mass finished we would have a shared lunch.
When mass finished my soul friend did not want to have shared lunch because he only wanted to have junk food so I went to play.  

Friday, March 18, 2016


In the hall Room 3 did Gymnastics. Thomas showed us the first part. He had to do a Bunny Hop he had to hold for as long as he could. Thomas couldn't hold. After  that he had to do Bunny-Hops over the cones. He had to put his hands in the hoop and Bunny hop over the red cone. Next he had to do the harder Bunny Hops over the blue cones. He did the same thing as well.
Later on Thomas did backward crawling on the benches. He also did Zig-Zag Hopping over the cones. At the end Thomas fell down, everyone laughed. Silia did the second course. She did Bunny Hops and Forward Rolls. She also did Handstands and jumped onto the platform and jumped off into her landing stance. She then ram to the Skipping Rope and she had to do five or ten skips. Then is was my turn to do the third obstacle course. I did a Forward Roll on the triangle sponge. Then I did jumping on the blue platform. I had to jump on then jump off backwards then Bunny- hop. Lastly I had to put my feet on the table and have my hands on the mat.
I love to do gymnastics because I love fitness and I do lots of hard work.

Thursday, March 17, 2016


On Tuesday we had Gymnastics and Mr Gaffney took photos of us doing Gymnastic.
I was the leader of the first line. The first thing we had to do was handstands. The leader of group two was Thomas. Thomas showed us how to do the second exercise. The leader for the last group was Iverson, he showed us how to do the last exercise.
We had fun. We then had to swap places. My group went in to the middle and the group in the middle in onto the side.
At the end of Gymnastics we got to choose any of the activities to play on. After Gymnastics we had to put our feet back in our shoes and went back to class

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My adventure

In the afternoon there were two kids walking in the forest. They were doing their exercises. Their names were Siu and Mira. While they were running they reached a two way they didn't know where to go, left or right. They decided to take the left pathway. Siu and Mira were lost, they were scared. They reached reached a lake, Siu and Mira refilled their water bottles. Mira went for a swim, she didn't know that there were Sea Snakes and Crocodiles in the lake. She got a big fright when she heard a really big splash. Siu and Mira ran far away from the lake. When they were safe Siu built a big house out of leaves and sticks. They stayed there for three days. Later that night Siu and Mira noticed some light, they followed the light. When they reached the light it was the police. Siu and Mira were now safe.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Room 3 went to the hall for Gymnastics. When we got there we took off our shoes. The first exercise we did was Scratches. We then had to split up into three big groups. All the groups did different exercises. My favorite exercise was the third exercise. The third one was we had to balance on a cylinder. When the bell rang we had to line up outside and went back to class. I was tired after Gymnastics but I had fun.

Monday, March 14, 2016


On Tuesday rooms 1, 4, and 3 went to Gymnastics at 9.45 am. We walked in two lines in to the hall. First thing was warm-up. Everyone did ten push-ups each. We had to warm-up so we can learn some Gymnastic moves. We learnt how to do Hula-hoops, Benches, Handstands, Bunny hops, Forward rolls, Shape-tuck, Cartwheels and Straddles. I had a lot of fun at Gymnastics.  

Friday, March 11, 2016

Hiking Trip

On bright, cold morning my dad, mum and I were going hiking. We packed our bags and put it in the car's trunk and went hiking. By the time we got there we went to a man, he showed us how to follow the map for the hiking track. The man told us there a different colours for each level. The man also showed these electronic sticks, he showed us how to use them. While we were on the track we saw a wild Deer. After an hour there was this long brown grass and it was very hard to electronic stick. We looked everywhere for the stick. When we found the stick I ran and I put the card into the stick. Later we went to a t.v which showed us how long we had left until we reach the end. We came second to last. We talked again with the man from the beginning of track and then left home.

Gymnastics Pictures