Monday, December 7, 2015

Film Festival

On Wednesday we went to Sylvia Park. We went on a bus. We were singing songs on the bus like "The wheels on the bus" , "When I see you again" and "Look away. When we finished singing we arrived at Sylvia Park. We saw ten schools. The schools we saw were Glenbrae, Ruapotika, Point England, Tamaki College and Panmure Bridge. I like St Pius', Glenbrae, Tamaki College's videos. I liked St Pius' movie because Motu was feeling hot and wanted to go swimming. I liked Glenbrae's movie because its about the future. I liked Tamaki College's the most because it was about them being stuck in the dessert.
When we finished watching all the videos we went back to school, then we went home.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Persuasive Writing

Children should wear school uniform because if they wear other clothes then the parents will have to buy you some more clothes.

First reason why children should wear school uniform is because it shows that you are a part of a school. Your parents will think that you look smart and beautiful.

Second reason why children should wear school uniform because if they wear school uniform the parents don't have to spend their money all the time on new clothes for school.

Now we know why children should wear school uniform to school everyday.


On Tuesday in the afternoon Room 3 went to swimming. We have swimming on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. When all of Room 3 went we were swimming in the pool at the tennis court. The people without swimming togs didn't swim. Everyone got changed in the tent next to the swimming pool. When we were changed we went into the pool. The instructors were waiting for us in the pool. There was a rope in the middle of the pool and there was an instructor on each side. The instructors names were Emma and  Joesph. They taught us how to Stream Line. Stream-Line is when you put your hands up in the air and dive into the water. They also taught us to Back-Stream, that is when you lay down and float into the water to the other side of the pool.

I learnt a lot from Emma and Joesph. Near the end of swimming we played Bull-Rush in the pool. Playing the games was my favourite part. When we finished we went back to the tent to get changed and went back to the classroom.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Should Children Have to Wear School Uniform?

Some schools have school uniform, some schools don't have a school uniform. My opinion is that kids should wear school uniform.

The first reason for why kids should wear school uniform is because you might get lost somewhere far from your school and people can know what school you are from by your uniform.

Secondly we should wear school uniform because if you don't wear school uniform people might think that you don't go to school.

Last of all I think children should wear school uniform so they can look smart.

So now now you know why school kids should wear school uniform.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Once upon a time there was are fish called Nemo. Nemo had are dad that had beautiful scales. Nemo was are friendly boy. Nemo looked just like his dad but he was funny. Nemo has a friend she was a Blue fish and she had no scales like Nemo.

Nemo spends a lot of time with his friend because Nemo's dad leaves sometimes. Nemo misses his dad when he leaves. When Nemo is by himself he thinks about his dad. When Nemo's dad gets back they will live happily ever after.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

The Rainbow Fish

Should the Rainbow Fish give away his scales?
The Rainbow Fish should keep his scales because it is part of his body. When he gave it away it will hurt his body and he will be feeling sad. He does not need to give the anything to be his friend.

Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Wonderful Time With My Family

Every Tuesday and Sunday, my family has a little family reunion. The reason why we have these little reunion is so we can bring back our memories from when our great grandma was with us, but now shes past away. On Sunday 19/10/15 we had a family reunion. That day we had a Barbecue. First we practiced singing our Moari song "E ara". Next we did a Moari Haka. Later on my parents were doing the Barbecue. We had Sauages, Patties, Steak and Fish. It was a good with the family.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

At the Movies

On Wednesday we went to the movies. We left at 12.15. We went on the bus. On the bus we sang the song "The Wheels on the Bus". When we got there we got in to lines. I was excited. We sat on a seat. It was dark in the cinema, I turned on my light from my watch, it was glowing. The light looked so cool. When we finished we went on the bus. When got back to school at 2.15.

At school we got ready to go home. I liked all the movies that we watched. My favourite movies was the one with the robots going into the class and getting all the unhealthy food.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Wednesday at School

On Wednesday our whole school was playing until the bell rang. When the bell rang we all went to our classes. In my class we sat on the mat and started our prayer time. During prayer time we read the Bible. After prayer time we went back to our desks.

We did Religious Education and some Maths. After we did Maths we got ready for morning tea. After the bell rang Mr Gaffney said "put your books on your desk and your hat on your head". We sat on the bench and ate our lunch.

We all went to play because we finished eating. Then we heard the bell ring so we went back to the class room. we were read our books. Later we did Spelling and did some writing and then went to have lunch.

When we finished having  lunch we went to class and packed up to go to Sylvia Park. When we went to Sylvia Park we watched our movie's. There was a lot of other schools there as well. My favourite movie was Tamaki College's movie. I liked Tamaki's movie because they're movie was about books.

When we finished all the movies we went back to school and got our bags and went home.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Wonderful Time With My Family

On Saturday afternoon Hina, Pou, Longo, Naomi, Aspeli, Theresa and I went to Point England. We went by car and we wanted to go there because it was boring at home and we wanted to have fun. When we got there I was excited to go into the water. When I felt the water it was warm. In the water I splashing and I was playing with the water. Asipeli also came into the water with me. Later on my family came in the water, I was happy when they came because playing with my brother was boring.

When we finished playing in the water we ate. We had Fish, Chips and KFC. I was so hungry and thirsty. Aspeli and I were the only ones eating everyone else was still swimming. When everyone finished swimming we went back home. I was very happy that we spent the day at Point England.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Wonderful Holiday

On the weekend I went to the movies and my mum came too. The movie was called Pixels it was about kids that played 80's arcade games like Pac-man, Ping, Centipede and Leap Frog. When the kids become adults the game characters come to life and attack them.

My favourite part of the movie was when all the game characters attacked the people. I like this part because all the game characters including Centipede, Spiders, Pac-man, and Birds start shooting and smashing everything in the city.

I enjoyed the movie so much. When the movie finished we went to visit my Aunty in hospital then went back home.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Sylvia Park movies

In Sylvia Park we went to go watch our movies. The first school to show their movies was St Pius X. Room 3's movie was first. What I learnt from room 3's movie is do not go under the water too long because you won't be able to breathe. I also learnt  do not jump in the pool because you could hit into others. I didn't like one of the  movies because I think they didn't do much.

My favourite movie was Room 3 because they had a lot of information and I learnt the most from this movie.

We caught the bus back to school. I enjoyed watching the movies at Sylvia Park, I learnt alot of new things.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Swimming Poem

S- swimming boards can help float in the water.

W- warm water makes you not get sick in the water.

I- In the pool we learn to swim.

M- my body gets wet.

M- my body always sinks when I don't listen.

I- i'm swimming in the deep blue water .

N- no food and drinks in the swimming pool.

G- going to the pool quickly and quietly.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Kelly Tarltons

On Thursday I woke up excited I went to the bathroom I washed my face and brushed my teeth and got changed then moisturized my face. Lastly I put on my shoe and went to school.

Everyone in room 3 got a plastic card for our trip to Kelly Tarltons. We got a card each so when we were lost, people know what school we came from. Before we went to Kelly Tarlton we had singing practice in the hall.

When singing practice was finished we walked down to the bus, on our ride to Kelly Tarltons we sang songs. It was about 50 minutes from school to Kelly Tarltons. When we got there we went into Kelly Tarltons  and met Bonnie she showed us around. I had fun at Kelly Tarltons,  I saw all sorts of fishes, sharks, turtles, and stingrays. My favourite fish was the Angular fish.

Friday, July 24, 2015


In the weekend Katea, Mona, Mikayla, Nela and I went to the Matariki festival. The Matariki festival was at Glen Innes. At the festival there were Samoans, Tongans and Cook Islanders dancing on the stage. My brother, my cousin and I did a Tongan dance on stage. My mum and dad were happy. After the Matariki festival  we went to the night market because we were hungry. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015


In the holidays  Mrs Jeanie picked me up so we could learn about the Cook Islands. We were learning about the Cook Islands because it was Cook Island week. I learnt a lot of things about the Cook Islands. I learnt how to make a band of flowers for my hat. I also learnt that there are 15 Islands in the Cook Islands. At the end everyone had to make a speech about the 15 stars, I wasn't shy to say my speech. I had fun learning about the Cook Islands.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Swimming Poem

S- show your best behavior to the instructors and show the instructors that you can swim.

W- walk quietly to the pool.

I- In the pool you have to listen to the instructor.

M- make sure you walk down the step backwards or you fall.

M- make sure you remember to bring your togs.

I- in the pool we learn to swim .

N- no splashing, no diving, no eating and drinking, no jumping in the pool.

G- go to the toilet before swimming. Get in your togs before the bell rings.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


On Wednesday we jogged to the field, When we got there we saw Room 5 being naughty to coach Stu. Coach Stu said to be quiet. He asked some questions, when the he finished asking us questions we played a ladder game. After the ladder game we played a Golf game, I was first in line. I hit the ball to Akesa's hand. When our Golf time was over we saw Room 4 walking towards coach Stu. I was happy when we were in class because I had fun at Golf.  

Friday, July 3, 2015


On Wednesday we jogged to the field to go to Golf. Our coach was Coach Stu. We were split into two groups. We were each numbered, Rosiephine was number 1 Aaliyah was number 2 then I was number 3. There were 3 bases there, base 1, base 2, and base 3. One group had to catch the ball and give the ball back to Coach Stu. The other group had to run to each base then had to go back to their group. When we were on the court we had an obstacle course. The obstacle course was we had to throw the Golf ball into the Hula-Hoop. The next obstacle was that we had to hit the netball with the Hockey stick into the Hula-Hoop. The third course we had to hit the netball into a triangle target. I hit the netball and it was stuck. The final course was a fence with a targets at the bottom and the top. The hole at the bottom was easier because it was closer. The target at the top was hard because I kept hitting the ball over the target.
When we finished the course we shook hands with Coach Stu and we had to look him in the eye. When Coach Stu said "thank you" I said "Cheers". We then went back to the classroom.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Swimming Poem

S- swimming is not good for me.

W- when you get near the pool you can smell the chlorine.

I- I see people floating and splashing in the water

M- my teacher also watches room 3 swim.

M- my class is good at swimming.

I- I watch my class swim.

N- No eating, drinking and bombing in the pool..

G- good things happen in the pool.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Swimming Poem

S- shallow blue clear water.

W- wash your face with the clean and clear water.

I- In the pool I love floating on my paddle board.

M- making waves with your hands.

M- making back-flips with your body.

I- In the pool I do the freestyle.

N- No eating, drinking and diving in the pool..

G- going in the pool and listening to the teacher.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Swimming Poem

S- streamline strokes pushing through the deep blue water.

W- warm water washing my body.

I- in the blue water I like to do back-flips.

M- my legs can reach down to the shining water.

M- my hair always gets wet when I go underwater.

I- In the blue water I always learn new skills in the pool.

N- No one can be in the pool after school and when it is lunchtime.

G- go and give me some goggles that's what my friends tell me.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Swimming Poem

S- super dive into the clear pool.

W- warm water keeping us warm.

I- instructor looks after us in case we drown.

M- my body floats backwards towards the end.

M- my body can backwards and can turn frontwards.

I- I can do a back-flip and a front-flip.

N- No drowning people in the swimming pool.

G- go to the toilet before going to the clear pool.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Swimming Poem

S- Slow walking in the pool is such fun.

W- Washing my face feels like a race.

I- In the pool doing the freestyle always makes my nose sting.

M- Magnificent dolphin swimming is actually hard.

M- Main thing about swimming is listening.

I- I'm really good at floating on my back in the pool.

N- No one is allowed to eat in the pool.

G- Going to swim in the pool is very exciting.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Swimming Poem

S - Swimming strokes and dolphin-swim makes me feel like a pro.

W - Washing my face with warm water feels like i'm in a race.

I  - In the pool doing streamlines is like i'm in a real competition.

M   - Magnificent waves move me around gently.

M  - My goggles help me under the clean water when I do freestyle.

I   -  Inside the pool we float like a peaceful starfish on the surface.

N  -  No diving is allowed in the swimming pool because you might hit your head.

G - Going to the pool makes everyone very happy.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


On Wednesday 26 March 2015 all the schools in Tamaki, teachers and visitors come to Pt England beach in buses to welcome travellers.

When we came we went to where we had to sit. It took a while for it to start. We saw other schools having their lunch but we didn’t have ours. Later on, it started we had to stand up.

We heard the shell horn and saw two wakas. We saw a motorboat filled with people. When all of the people got on the beach the leader said a prayer.

Later on that day all of the people got to speak. After a long while all of the schools got to high-five all of the visitors hands. Last of all we took a moment to relax.

Then all the schools went back to their work. I thought it was a very cool and a good lesson for us.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015


On Saturday 25 1915 New Zealand and Australian soldiers got ready to fight in Gallipoli, Turkey. We have Anzac day to remember 1800 who died for our country.

Today we went to church, each of the classes had different poppies. When church were finished we went to where Mary stood. Fiapo and I got ready to read.

After we read we put the New Zealand flag over the white crosses. Later on that day we learned about ‘Simpson and the donkey.’

Simpson worked with the ambulance. They didn’t have ambulance back then so they used donkeys. Simpson was very kind to donkeys and so the donkeys were good to Simpson. Simpson used to put the injured soldiers on the donkeys to take the soldiers back.

When the New Zealand and Australian soldiers got to Anzac cove some of them knew they would die so they ran covering their faces so if they got shot they would know who died.

One day a soldier found a turtle in the trenches and kept it as a pet. When the soldier came back he saw the other soldiers eating the turtle.

The youngest Anzac was James Charles. He went to war when he was only fourteen. There was a nursing home with 1000-bed called ‘The poppy Inn.”

Sometimes when the turks are running to the Anzac they stepped on landmines and die. Some donkeys that go to Gallipoli comes from Greece.

Lots of soldiers write letters to their relatives or loved-ones. I think Anzac day is a great story of battle for our country.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Easter Show

On Holy Thursday Antonio, Gillian. Princeton and I went to the Easter Show in my mum’s car. When we got there I saw horse rides, racing, games and prizes.

We went to the petting zoo. I saw cows, pigs, goats, chickens, a bull and a donkey. We got to feed them with special treats. After that, we washed our hands and went on fun rides.

We stopped and tried win a prize. We had to try to get the hoop in the hole in the ground. I went inside the clown house. It was very fun. After that Antonio and I went on the rocking boat.

After a while we went to see a motorbike show. There were lots of men on colourful motorcycles.

Last of all it started to rain and we got inside the car and went KFC to get something to eat. I thought we had  a great time at the Easter Show.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Dearest Mum

Today I want to tell you how much I love you. You always take care of me and I really appreciate it. I love you so much for everything you have done for me. I hope you have a wonderful Mother’s Day.
I want to thank you for making me lunch and dinner. Thank you for looking after me when I was a baby. Thank you for our lovely new house and thank you for giving Antonio somewhere to stay. Thank you for my presents on my birthdays.
I really enjoy how you make me happy when I’m sad. I really enjoy how you make me feel like a real princess. I really enjoy how you are always there when anyone is feeling blue. I really enjoy how you make my food extra yum.
Thank you mum!
I would like to give you a new car when I grow up. I would like to take you to Paris in a jet with our family. I love you mum because you are my queen.  

Saturday, May 30, 2015

My Wonderful Mum

My mum is a graceful loving woman because she does everything for our family. She cleans the house, she pays the bills, looks after Princeton and feeds the family.

Sometimes she needs a break. In her free time she likes to buy clothes, have a smoke, go to the gym and sometimes buy new furniture.

My mum does not like some things like the mess my brother makes, dogs that bite and animals like mice and rats. She doesn’t like beer or chips with lots of salt. She also doesn’t like the day because sometimes she needs to go to sleep or the sun because it is too hot. She also dislikes cats that bite and swear words.

My mum is really a funny person so she likes watching comedy movies with the family and wine. She likes funny things like cat clips and books about people’s lives because it makes her feel relaxed. She enjoys hanging out with her friends and having a drink of wine. My mum likes to have a good time.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Golf First tee

On Wednesday Room 3 and Mr Gaffney went to Golf at the field. Mr Gaffney took us out for a jog. We played in the courts and in the hall. When we went to gold there was another class. So we had to sit down and wait. When we were sitting down Coach Stu talked to all of us. We then had to stand and go on the Jumping Ladder. After that we had to hit the ball. If we caught it, we then had to swap places. There were bases one, base two and base three. It was taking forever. That was the best Golf experience.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Duffy assembly

On Tuesday Saint Pius X school went to a Duffy assembly in the school hall. There were some guests who came with Mr Coakley. The guest's names were Mary, Peter one, Peter two and Peter. We had to stand for the nation Anthem. When our beautiful singing was done we walked across the hall and sat down.
The guests were going to do a play. Mary had to choose the people to be in the play. Mary chose Justin, Hola, Dianne, Alan, Maris-Stella, Pio, Paul, Courtney and I. Maris-Stella, Alan, Justin, Courtney and I were Cows. Pio, Hola and Paul were the judges. Pio pretended to play a fake guitar. We lived happily ever after. That was the best Duffy assembly because we were in the play. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2015


In the holiday for lunch we had pancakes, I loved it because it was so delicious. When my dad came I was happy, and  I was glad to see him. When he came I said "happy new year". A bit later my mum came with my two brothers. My dad's friend also came with their two sons and daughter. My dad made food for everyone I was very happy. More of our family came to see my dad. 10 people came to my house. When my dad had to leave me and my mum were very sad.   

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Wonderful Holiday

On my holiday I went to Invercargill. I went in the afternoon. I went to Invercargill for fun. I went to this big hotel. They gave me some food for lunch. They also gave me Ice cream, chocolate and lollies. I went to the pools and I went on this big slide. When I jumped inside the pool, the water went splash. When I was finished in the swimming pool I went to the library. I asked the librarian if I could some books to read. When I got back to the hotel I started to read then when I was finished reading the books I went outside. When it was starting to get dark I went for a shower and then the people told me to go and take the books back to the library. When I came back from the library I went to sleep.  

Monday, May 11, 2015

My Wonderful Holiday

On Saturday I went with my mum to Point England in our car to see the Kids Safety program, from the newsletter. When we got there we sat in the shade. while we were there I asked mum if I could play on the big slide. There were a lot policemen there. After that I went for a swim. There were lifeguards at the beach. I spoke to some life guards. I was cold. The water was freezing.
After that I went back to my mum. I wore some police clothes because my mum let me wear it. I took a photo of myself and my friend Maea. Maea asked my mum for our phone number. After seeing Maea we went to the shop to eat and drink because I was hungry. When we got home I went for a shower. When I finished I started to fall asleep.   

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mothers Day

My mother is special because she is one mother who loves me so much and will keep me in her heart. My mother is special because she always looks after me when I am at home. She is as pretty as a Butterfly. She is a lady who I will trust. She is the best mum in the world. I love my mum because she is as pretty as a princess. I love my mum because when I look at her eyes it is pretty like a Rainbow. I also love my mum because she makes me happy. I love my mum because she makes me happy. I love my mum because she gives me a kiss and a nice hug. I love my mum because she always does my hair in the morning. I love my mum because she does my washing. I love my mum because she always makes my room tidy. 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Wonderful Holiday

On Tuesday my brother , sister and I wen to the park. When we got to the park we played a game of basketball. It was tiring and fun. The next day my mum drove us to the swimming pools in Panmure. I was happy and excited because I was going on the big slide. I waited in line to go down the slide. When I went down the slide it was very dark and scary. On Christmas my family and I went to my Nana's place. When we got there we had delicious Chicken and Jelly to eat.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Golf - First Tee

On Wednesday room 3 went to the Tennis Courts. First the boys had to line up. Coach gave the boys a bouncy ball. The coach gave the ball to Aaliyah, she had to share the ball with the rest of the girls. The boys ran and passed the ball if they dropped the ball they would have to do 2 push ups. When the boys finished it was our turn if we dropped the ball we had to do 3 push-ups, we dropped the ball twice. After both the boys and girls had a turn both the girls and boys got another turn. Coach said "Well done girls" because we didn't drop the ball once in our second turn.

In the next game we had to use a Hockey stick to hit the ball into the hoop, the hoop was down on the ground. Firstly we had to hit a tennis ball in to the hoop. The second one was harder because  we had hit a bigger ball into the hoop. The third and fourth  was the hardest because we had to hit a Sticky ball slowly so it would stick on the Velcro. The fourth was kind of like the third one but it was shaped differently. My friend Helena she got the ball into the hoop and she told Mr Gaffney. Mr Gaffney took a photo of Helena. I tried to do it and I did. I told my teacher and he also took a photo of me. Mr Gaffney said "well done". The last step I had to try 3 times. I was so happy when I got the fourth ball in. When we went back to class I said to Helena " That was fun".  

Friday, May 1, 2015

My Wonderful Holiday

On Monday in the holiday I went to the park. When I first got their I was playing on the Swing. After that my brother "come Annie let's go to the Monkey Bars". My brother said "can you jump up to the fourth Monkey bar" . I jumped up to the fourth one. After that I got on the Swing again and I asked my brother if he could push me, so he pushed me on the Swing. I wanted him to push me very high because it was boring. After the Swing I went to the Slide and went down three times, I was tired after that. I had a rest and then went on the Flying Fox. I also went on the Climbing board, I was really lucky to not fall. After a long time at the park I went home.

Duffy Assembly

When we went in the hall they were setting up the stuff. Then when they started the Duffy Assembly, four people came in the hall and they introduced themselves. Their names were Mary, Peter, Peter and Peter. Mary is the story teller Peter is the Magician and he played the Guitar.Mary and Peter said do you guys want a show. They did two stories. Mary and the Peters got some of us to join in the stories. The stories were very funny, everyone laughed. The Duffy Assembly was very funny.


We went to Golf on Thursday. At St Pius X hall. First coach told Room 3 and Mr Gaffney the rules. The rules were be safe and have fun. Next coach told the girls to get up. Coach said "Run to that far cone and come back and then said "go". Then he told the girls to sit down. Coach said to the boys to do the same thing. When we finished coach said "find a partner" my partner was Etuale. Coach told us the person who has the ball, has to pass the to the other person. But if you drop the ball you sit down. So we passed the ball. When we done the real one Etuale and I were almost out. I had fun playing and learning about Golf.

My Wonderful Holiday

We went to Bowling and Lazer Strike. First we went to go play and I got three points then we went to play Lazer Strike. In the afternoon we were hungry so we went to KFC. At the end of the day my uncle dropped me back off to my house.

My Wonderful Holiday

Firstly on 30th of December we went tot Tonga. I went with my family, my aunt and cousins. We left in the morning to the Airport. When we got there we went to pay then we went to go to the lady to wrap our bags. Next when we finished we went to the elevator. Then when we were going up we went to the living room and we had something to eat. In addition when we finished having something to eat we wen to the bathroom so my brother could go to the toilet. When he finished we went to go into the plane. Lastly when we go to Tonga my dad's uncle came to pick us up. When we got to our home in Tonga we all had Mangoes then we wen to sleep.


On a hot sunny day Room 3  was in the middle of writing. Then Mr Gaffney told us to line up out side. We went to the courts because we were going to mini Gold. Coach Stu told us what to do. First I tried the mini Golf but it was a little hard but I still tried. Then after that I went to the big Golf. It had a Hockey Stick and Soccer ball. Golf got harder and harder towards the end. We Hi-fived coach Stu. Then we lined up in front of Mr Gaffney to go back to class. 


On a rainy day, room 3 and Mr Gaffney went inside the hall because we were going to play Golf with our coach. Our coach's name is Stu. The first thing we did was to jump in the hoops and run. After that all the girls had to race and the boys had to race too. The next day we went on the field to play Golf again. We were in different groups. I was in Helena's and Akesa's group. We hit the ball with the Golf Club and shot it at the target the last day we went to the field again. We had to line up because we had to run in to the ladder. The first thing we did was to line up in different groups. After we shot the ball we put the Golf Club inside the Safety Zone. On Wednesday we went to the field for the last time. We had to hold the tee with the Golf ball on top of it. We were in different groups again. I was in Helena's group but George was being mean to us. So I changed to a different group. I held the Golf Club and shot it at the field. Sia had a shot too. I wish I can play Golf again. I really like Golf. When I grow up I will be a Golf player. 

Day With My Family

With my family I went to the beach. I went a little bit deep in to the sea with my aunt. My whole family came into the sea and my pet dog. Later on when we finished swimming we went back home to have a shower, then we went to the Light Festival. I bought 3 Glow Sticks. After that my cousin and I went to my friends house to play video games. Then I went home to sleep. The next day my aunt came at night to pick up my cousin and I so we could go to the movies with my uncle. The movie we were watching was called Dawn the planet of Animal Apes. After that I went over to my nana's house to have a rest. I really enjoyed my holidays.

A Day With My Family

Firstly on my brothers birthday last Sunday we went to church. We went in the car. When everyone arrived we started the birthday party.We lit the candles.Then the sang "Happy Birthday" to my brother Jabez. Next we sang happy birthday to my older brother, Che. He is 17 years old. After that the priest said a prayer. The big people had their own buffet table and us kids had our own setup with all sorts of yummy goodies like Cake, Pops, Cup Cakes, sweets, Kebabs, Pizza, Hot chips, Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Nibbles, Salmon, Spring Rolls, Sausage Rolls, Fruits and more. My little brother Jabez's cake was a wrestling champion belt cake and my big brother's cake was a stack of books.
My big cousin Sabrina did all the setups. There was a separate table for the cakes and all sorts of lollies, that she put into bags. Later on she gave them away the lollies to everyone.

A Day With My Cousins

On Saturday my mum and my cousin and my brothers went to the movies. We bought Popcorn and some fizzy drinks and some other drinks like Mountain Dew and Coke and Sprite. While we were watching the movie the popcorn fell. After that we ate nothing. So we  just drank the Coke and we ate some lollies. We Came in our car. Next we watched the movie. Soon after that we went to the shop and then we bought some lollies, ice blocks and ice cream. Finally we lived happy ever after. 

My Wonderful Holiday

On Monday in the morning my brothers, sister, my mum and I went to wait for a bus. The bus came to fetch my aunt and uncle. Then my other cousins came to put a box in the bus and Malakai went in the bus first. Then we all went into the bus. After everyone was in side some more people waited for all of them to come. It was taking forever. Then they came but they were gonna go in a car.

Duffy Assembly

On Tuesday we went to the hall for the assembly because we were watching Rhubarb. There were 3 men and 1 women.The men were all named Peter and the women was Mary. Peter and Mary wore microphones around their ear. There were plays. Laki, Dianne, Justin, Alan and Maris-Stella went up to help them do the play. They were the cows.A man appeared he had long hair. He got out his Guitar and started playing. The Cows spun around and they dropped. Another man appeared and said "what have you done to my cows, they are dizzy". The judge came she said quiet in my Court. The man with the cows said "look at what he has done to my cows". They fell then the judge went. The man that had the cows said go away. He left and the play was finished. 

A Day With My Family

In the morning my family decided to go to Rainbow's End. We went in dark blue van. It was near Theme Park. We got there and we had to pay.We got these wristbands and a map so we could know where to go.First we went to the Kids Kingdom.There was a train called the The Choco Express. It felt like we were gonna vomit .After that we went went to the Pirate Ship. It was was swinging back and forth. It felt like the ship was gonna go off. They stopped it and I went off and next we went to the Scorpion Karts. We were racing, we came in first place. Later we went to the Bumper Karts. There were two seats. We were bumping people off. We did a drift. Then we went to the Movie Master. We were watching Ice Age. When the Penguin went down, the chairs went down aswell. The movie was in 3D. It was me and my little brother and my big brother. We went to the Fear Fall. We went all the way to  the top, until we could see everybody. When we went down it was scary, after that we went home.

My Wonderful Holiday

In the holiday I went to Waihi with my cousin Richie and my uncle William and my aunt Natasha. We went to the pools and I slid down the slide. There was a small pool, medium pool and big pool. I went on the slide near the big pool but I went on my float. I started from the back and I jumped off. When I got down there was a big splash and I went under water. Then I went back up. There were two stairs. I jumped off the stairs and I spun. We got our towels and dried ourselves. Then we went back home and we ate pies. Next we went to the beach. There were big waves. We got our surf boards ready. When it was a big wave me and Richie slide fast on the waves. It was the best holiday ever.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Get Wise

On Monday, Evan came to our school. He works at the ASB bank. We played three games. The first game we played was called "Say the Money". Evan held the fake money up and we had to shout out what the money was called. The second game was to travel. First Evan pretended to be a Caveman. The last game was to pass the cups and the fake money. It was fun.

My Christmas

At Christmas I went to the movies. I went with my brother, mum and dad. The movie that we were watching was called Boxtrolls. The Boxtrolls movie was funny because there were Trolls dancing and singing silly songs. There was a baby Troll dressed in a box.When we finished all the school videos came on the big screen. When the movie and the school videos were finished I went home and I opened my present. My present was a Apple Ipad. My brother got a Helicopter with remote control. Then the next day my mum's aunty and my mum's cousin came to my nan's house. My two cousins came with my little brother. We played tag and hide and seek. I had KFC with my family. Later I asked my mum if I could play songs on her phone. The song was called "Black Window". We were dancing and dancing. Later my cousins went back home and I went home too. I ate KFC again. I ate with my mum, dad , brother and uncle.

My Holiday

Last year my sister, brother, their friend and I went to the movies. We went in a bus. We watched Despicable Me 2. It was very funny, especially the Minions. My sister bought ice cream and popcorn. The girls were so cool. The youngest loved her Unicorn teddy bear. The man was famous to the Minions. The Minions loved Bananas and they spoke funny. At the end of the movies we all went to the shops and bought Lollies, Chips, Chocolate and Fizzy drinks. When we got our junk food we went to Pak'n Save to buy the whole family some food. It was very fun it was also very cold. We all walked back home. My brother and I were playing on the Trampoline. I was so tired. Finally we all went to sleep.                                                                                

My Holiday

First of all when I went to the pool I had i had to put Sunscreen on me. I had for all of us to go. Then we went into the pool. There was a park in the pool. I went on the slide the water was salty. I did a Cannonbolt jump. Next we went to eat cake. When we finished eating cake we went back home. After that we went to Countdown. We bought Milk, Cookie, stuff and some lollies. Finally we went home.

St Patrick's Day

On St Patrick's Day, March 17 we walked quietly into the church with our Soulfriends. We made a promise to take care of each other, share our lunch and share our feelings.
After in all went into the hall for a Duffy Assembly. Telesia and I were going to lead the assembly. I was better at reading. There were four guests their names were Mary, Peter, Peter, Peter and Peter. Next they were doing a play and asking kids to come and take a part in the play. The play was very funny. After that they asked people to come up for another play, and I was in it. Later on it was time to give out the Duffy books.
The Duffy Assembly was fun!

Get Wise

On Monday 09 March a stranger came into Room 3 and introduced himself. His name was Evan from ASB bank. He had a big black bag with fake money. We were going to play three fun games. First we had to guess the values of the fake money. There was one lost note. Evan couldn't find it. He also taught us about Eftpos cards and Credit cards. An Eftpos card uses your money when a Credit card uses the bank's money. Next Evan got us to face him. So we did. After that Evan said he was going to travel as fast as a Cheetah back in time. We went to the Caveman time where Evan taught us how Cavemen used to get food without using money. Caveman use to try to kill a hairy Mammoth and try to get the tusks off and trade for some food like Fish, fresh meat, Tiger skin or even sharp knives. Eventually we got to Pirate times. Evan told us how the Pirates use to keep their money safe without using the back. Pirates bury the Gold on a deserted island. That was the end of our journey back in time, but the fun did not end. Evan told us to make three line in front of Jerome, Dianne and me. Evan gave us three some fake money and gave the people in  front of us cups. We had to give the money to the people in front of us and they had to give us back the cups. When Evan had to leave, we all had said "goodbye " and "thank you" and we went back to work. I thought we had a fun journey with Evan.


On Wednesday 4th March we were walking to the field to play Golf. First of all we got a warm welcome from coach Stu. Next we saw a jumping ladder on the field. We were supposed to jump one step at a time then keep doing that until the next persons turn. It was really fun after that we lined up into three lines. We were having a race. We had a tee. We put the Golf-ball on top of the Tee. We then had to run to the finish line and back without dropping the golf. Later on we practiced playing Golf. This was really difficult, but we got the hang of it. I think that everybody in room 3 enjoyed their time with coach Stu.
After a long time we played a game called golf/ baseball. We played like this: first the batter has to hit the Golf-ball, then they have to run. The batter then has to run to the hoops. The other people need to get the ball to coach Stu. If you're still running when the ball is with coach Stu you're out. When it was time to go, we all said goodbye to coach Stu and went back to Room 3.
I really enjoyed Golf because it was a good experience for us.

February 18

On Wednesday 18 February, Prince, Jillian, Antonio, my mum and I were staying at home.
When my aunt Tula came and dropped off  King, the Husky and Beast, the Ridge-back we were all happy.
Later on we went outside and played on the trampoline with the dogs. The dogs were really funny.
Afterwards my mum went to Grey Lynn to go church.
When mum was at Church we had the idea to go to the dog pound. At the dog pound we saw Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Chiwawas and Ridge-backs. Some of the dogs licked our toes. Next we were really hungry so we went to McDonald's. Antonio and I didn't eat meat because it was Ash Wednesday. Then we went to the park with the dogs. The dogs jumped into the cold water. I climbed up the cliff to get to the car.
After a while we arrived to Pak 'n Save to get my lunch. We got candy, Fizzy drinks, Chips, Fruit, Popcorn, Ham, Cheese and Fruit Sticks.
When we got home I ate so much, I went straight to bed.

My Holiday

On Saturday 20th of January Father Filipo, my mum, and I went to Sylvia Park to watch "Big Hero 6". We used father Filipo's  big blue car to get to Sylvia Park. When we got there, we asked the cashier for two medium sized popcorn and 3 movie tickets. I was really looking forward to watching the movie. I also enjoyed eating the popcorn, Yum! While we were watching, father Filipo was asleep. In the movie there was sadness, happiness and I also experienced anger.
The movie was about a young boy and his older brother who died in a fire. What makes him angry is when he finds  out that his brother's teacher saved himself rather than helping the kids. So the boy seeks out revenge and tries to save the world from the evil teacher, on the way big hero 6 helps him. When the movie had finished, my popcorn was also finished. I thought the movie was fantastic.
From the movie I learned that I have to put other people first then myself. When we got home I wished I could go movies again. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This is my first time on my email.
I love my email because I always dreamed of  having one especially nobody can log in to my email.   I can send a message to Mr Gaffney and all the other teachers and the principal Mr Coakley and my parents.  I can even email my aunty and my uncle and my cousins in Hawaii and Tonga.

April 2015
 This is my first time on my email. I am excited to go on my email.  I like going on my gmail so I can sent things to Mrs Tui and Mr Gaffney. I am excited to sent photo to teachers.  At home I am going to sent things to everyone.  Helena